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For the first time in NSW breeders and pet owners can now use an online pet registry.z cat dog image

The NSW Pet Registry provides a simpler process for owners and breeders to register their cats and dogs, update contact details, report missing pets, transfer ownership and pay most lifetime-registration fees, all from a computer or mobile device.

Puppies in NSW must be microchipped and placed on the NSW Pet Registry by the time they reach 12 weeks of age, or prior to sale. The online registry makes it easier for breeders to register their litters. When breeders create a profile, they are allocated a breeder ID number in the registry. By quoting this number when adding newly microchipped puppies they can link new pups to their profile without having to type in all their details for each one.

Pet owners are encouraged to de-sex cats and dogs at an early age. A reduced registration fee is available to owners who de-sex their dogs before six months of age. Vets will need to update the registry when a pet is de-sexed.

The NSW Government is strongly committed to helping families look after their pets.

Visit to create an online profile.

Please note: Dogs NSW members can register, creating an account using your email address and then include their Dogs NSW membership number under Step 5: Additional Info