3 dog headsAnimal  Control  Officers, Council Rangers, Veterinary Nurses and indeed anyone interested in improving their ability identifying individual breeds of dogs, are invited to attend Dogs NSW two day nationally accredited workshops.

There are over 200 recognised breeds currently in Australia and a multitude of cross breeds, therefore identification can be difficult and at times impossible.

Dogs NSW is a strong supporter of the NSW Government changes to the Companion Animals Act. We believe in responsible dog ownership and we recognise that proper breed identification is an essential part of the current legislation.

We have developed the two day training program to assist councils in improving breed identification, particularly as state legislation requires that council staff identify those dogs that are on the restricted breeds list as well as crosses from restricted breeds. Also councils are required to identify dogs specifically used or kept for hunting purposes, as opposed to being a family pet.

The two day workshops will be conducted by:
Diana Fenton MRACI C.Chem. M. Ed. B.VET
Australian National Kennel Council Ltd licensed All Breeds & International Judge and guest speakers include some of the most knowledgable and experienced members of the NSW Dog world, including All Breed Judges, Terrier Breed Specialists and breed club representatives.

Finnish lapphundWorkshop Dates for 2017 are: July 3 - 4 and October 3 - 4.

Location: Dogs NSW Amenities Building 

The Bill Spilstead Complex for Canine Affairs

44 Luddenham Road, Orchard Hills NSW 2748

Course Cost: $700 (GST inclusive) 

Times: 8.30am - 5.00pm.   

Includes: Morning Tea and Lunch     

Course Content: DAY 1

* Overview of recognised breeds

* Gain the tools needed to assist in identifying individual breeds

* Breed characteristics and temperaments.

Course Content: DAY 2

* Genesis of Hunting Breeds and crosses.

* Insight into Temperament Testing.

* In depth study on Terriers and the Terrier Bull Breeds, including discussion of the genesis of Pit Bulls and their crosses.

* Workshops on breed identification.

At the end of the Course attendees will have:

* Received training in the use of the resources needed to improve their ability to better identify individual dog breeds and crosses.

* An understanding of the breed characteristics and temperaments of dog breeds in particular the ‘Restricted Breeds.’

* The ability to recognise the cross breeds currently used for hunting.

* Completed the Nationally Accredited Course in ‘Canine Breed Identification.’ 10300NAT


Limited placements are available for the Two Day Workshop for Nationally Accredited Course NTIS code: 10300NAT Canine Breed identification, so please enrol early.

Enquiries to Kerry Christofi at Dogs NSW    

PO Box 632,  St. Marys NSW 1790  

Phone: 02 9834 0217    


* Please ask us about accommodation for country and interstate attendees.  

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