Entering a show

Dog shows conducted under DNSW regulations are organised by Affiliated Clubs and held throughout the year all over the State. Have a look at the DOGS NSW Shows & Trials calendar and put the entry deadlines in your diary.

How to enter

When you have read a Show Advertisement you will note a number of important features of the show are quoted:

  • Date of the fixture
  • Type of fixture, Championship Show, Open Show, Parade
  • Judge or Judges officiating
  • Name and address of the Club secretary to whom the entries should be sent
  • Closing date of entry
  • Classes offered for the breeds and many other matters pertinent to the show

If you are lodging an entry for your first show we recommend you seek advice and assistance from the person from whom you purchased your puppy. Once you decide on the fixture:

1. Purchase from DOGS NSW a booklet of entry forms. Entry forms are printed in easy "cheque book" style with a butt to provide a record of your entry for future reference.

2. Complete the entry form in ink in block letters or in type ensuring all the information entered in the appropriate places is correct. We strongly recommend you transfer the information, where applicable, direct from the registration certificate.

When you have completed the entry form, signed the form and are satisfied all the details entered therein are correct, place the following in an envelope addressed to the Club Secretary as shown in the schedule:

  • The completed entry form
  • A remittance (cheque or money order) covering the entry fee and purchase of the Show catalogue which comprises a programme of all dogs entered in the Show under their respective breeds and classes
  • A stamped, self addressed envelope for return of exhibit number or acknowledgment of receipt of entries and payment for the Show catalogue.
Within 7-14 days prior to the date of the fixture you should receive in the mail, return of your stamped self addressed envelope with your exhibit number.