Members are advised that all formal complaints must be lodged in accordance with the Dogs NSW Complaint Procedure and be submitted with a properly completed Complaints Lodgement Form and be accompanied by the Complaint Fee of $150.00.  The Complaint Fee is in accordance with Dogs NSW Regulations Part XI-Inquiries, Investigations & Appeals, Section 3.4(a) and is an administrative fee which is non-refundable. 

Dogs NSW Management and Staff request that Members please DO NOT set up on the pathways and courtyard surrounding the Administration Building during business hours from Monday through to Friday.

As the office is running during Monday to Friday it is difficult to make and take phone calls and concentrate when there are noises and disturbances directly outside the windows of the Administration building from both members and/or dogs.

It would be greatly appreciated if all members could also ensure they are aware of the rules and policies of setting up at the Orchard Hills Grounds refer to link below

MacUni-logoDogs NSW members are invited to participate in research being conducted by the Psychology Department at Macquarie University in order to gain information about the attachment/relationship we have with our pets, the thesis is entitled “Exploring Human Attachment to Companion Animals”.

The purpose of the study is to understand what factors influence people’s attachment to animals, and to explore the benefits of pet ownership.

Danes in squareThe Australian Great Dane community came together from January 30th, 2015 to participate in a broad spectrum health & lifestyle prevalence survey. Data was collected over 8 weeks from 1,165 purebred Great Dane dogs. In the months of April – July 2015, this data was prepared, analysed and written into a report presenting the findings. The report was launched on July 17th and is now available for viewing.

In Australia, there is no national breed council, nor a national breed club for Great Danes…yet! This was a purely community project where owners, breeders and show people came together to share their data across a broad set of questions culminating in a prevalence survey of 1,165 dogs.

spamimagesIt has come to our attention that there is a spam email being sent at the moment that indicates the Ghana Government want to buy 150 puppies for their Police Services. Many members have reported receiving it.

If you receive this email (example below) - DO NOT communicate by response or click any links or documents.

Tile DLS RedThe 2015 Sydney Dog Lovers Show is one of the largest events in the world dedicated to Dogs and the Royal Canin Breed Showcase is the most popular feature at the event.
We are excited to announce that the organisers have just released another 5 stands for DOGS NSW Breed Clubs to take part free of charge. A stand will include carpet, back and side walls, signage, power, lighting and parking!

DOGSQLDPlease familiarise yourself with the following link if you use or plan to use these grounds in Queensland. Due to the actions of Members ignoring directions, Dogs Queensland is now at a real risk of losing its current approval and jeopardising any future applications for approval for Caravans, Campervans, Winnebago's, etc 

Dogs NSW welcomes the NSW Government Inquiry into Companion Animal Breeding Practices. Our primary aim is the welfare of all dogs and we believe this inquiry will help resolve the many issues associated with the breeding practices of puppy factories.

Please see the attached copy of Dogs NSW submission to the Parliamentary Inquiry:Adobe Download


Our Hobby is at risk! Penrith City Council plans to restrict the number of dogs that can be owned within the local council area and will require Council approval for all dog breeding.  You will need Council approval to breed even one litter!

If introduced, these new regulations will seriously limit the activities of Dogs NSW members.

You may not be in the Penrith City Council area but please read this and make sure you know what your Council is planning before it is too late.  Ask your local council about its Animal Management plan!hobby2

NewpuppyvoucherDogs NSW has embarked on a membership drive offering discounted membership to new puppy buyers. Now when a Breeder registers a litter and receives the registration papers for the pups, the Membership Application, for inclusion in the puppy packs, will have a $20 Membership Voucher attached for New Puppy Owners.

Breeders are advised that in respect of the requirement in Dogs NSW Regulations Part XIII-Code of Ethics, Clauses 9 & 10, and ANKC Ltd Regulations Part 6-The Register & Registration, Clause 8.3, to provide veterinary certification, Dogs NSW requires that the veterinary certificate be dated no more than 3 months prior to the date of mating.