Dear Members

Thank you for your feedback on the proposed removal of some of the features from our monthly Journal. The Board has considered your comments, and your feedback was not taken lightly.

After discussion, we have decided to retain the sections of the Gazette that are so obviously of particular importance to the Members.

Please be advised that from April 2014, the Dogs NSW Breeders Directory will be in a new format and appearing only on the Dogs NSW website:

This means that the Breeders' Directory will no longer appear in the magazine and will be in digital format only.

The benefits of transferring to online are:

• An online Breeders Directory allows breeders to upload more content as well as pictures, and update it themselves at any time

• Dogs NSW breeders and their litter notices will be found more easily by the general public

• With reduced printing costs we can pass this saving on to our members through reduced Breeders Directory advertising prices

As a result of the National Canine Health & Wellbeing Committee 2013 meeting please find available for download information regarding a global survey created by Dr. Paul Eckford.

Adobe Download


PetsAustraliaPets Australia is the peak body representing pet businesses and pet owners nationally. Many of our members are competition standard groomers, who support purebreds by helping owners really appreciate the best of the breeds by keeping them looking beautiful.

Australia has its biggest grooming competition coming up in Sydney in October 2014, to select the team for the WORLD dog grooming championships. Groomers will come from all over Australia for this event.

Competition groomers are currently seeking purebred dogs to groom for this prestigious competition, as it generally takes more than 6 months to properly prepare dogs for competition.

Members are reminded of the following amendment to DOGS NSW Regulations Part I – The Register & Registration, Clause 2.6, approved by the Board of Directors, at their meeting 12 June 2013 and published in the August 2013 Gazette:

Except where hereafter provided, an application for the registration of a dog must be made no later than the day on which the dog attains the age of 6 months, except under extenuating circumstances where application for registration of the dog may be considered by the Board of Directors.

As from 1 October 2013 all members are advised that any transfers of registered ownership of a dog by way of a lease on the ANKC Ltd National Registration Database submitted to the Office MUST now be accompanied by a completed agreement document, titled ‘Agreement for Transfer of Registered Ownership by Way of Lease’, which can be downloaded from our Forms Page on our website. 

Any transfers by way of a lease not accompanied by a completed agreement will NOT be registered until the required agreement is submitted to the Office.

Dogs NSW wishes to advise that in an attempt to reduce costs, membership renewals from June onwards, are now being sent out via email to those members with a current email address on their membership record. We trust that most members will understand the reason behind this decision as a means towards reducing expenditure which in turn will hopefully retain the only increase to membership fees to that of the normal CPI% increase each year.


For those of you who would like assistance in writing to the Ministers and your local members, Dogs NSW has prepared a number of Postcard messages which you can have sent to you by simply emailing

You will be sent three. Please take the little time it will take to post the postcards to the Ministers, Page and Hodgkinson which are already addressed, and send the other one to your NSW Local Member.

We continue the fight for our rights

The Board of Directors wish to convey a very important message to all Members of Dogs NSW as urgently as possible.

Some of this has been stated previously but needs reiteration for the purposes of understanding by all members we are now addressing.

Early in 2012 the NSW Companion Animals Taskforce released a Discussion Paper highlighting recommendations they were considering including in a Report they had been commissioned to make to relevant Ministers.

Sydney: Breeders of pedigree dogs across NSW will fight plans outlined by the Government in its recently released ‘Companion Animals Taskforce Report’.

Dogs NSW, an organisation representing 10,000 owners of pure bred dogs, says the Taskforce has got it all wrong by focusing its attention on already regulated areas of the animal industry rather than going after the currently unaccountable.

Deidre_CroftDogs NSW are delighted to announce the addition of Deirdre Crofts in the role of Animal Welfare and Community Liaison Officer at their head office. The role is vital to help the organisation run more efficiently.


Key duties include assisting members in fulfilling their obligations as responsible owners and breeders, reviewing Dogs NSW regulations and submitting amendments to the board for consideration, providing assistance to members where it is determined by Dogs NSW that there is a need for assistance in animal welfare issues or disputes, liaising between members and local council whenever a conflict arises and providing a monthly report to the CEO prior to the closing of the agenda for the board’s monthly meetings.