Most regrettably it has been necessary for a number of shows to be cancelled this weekend due to hazardous conditions that prevail at showgrounds themselves and related access roads etc.

These cancellations have been imposed under Dogs NSW Show Regulation Part 2 - Show Section 19.

dog-show-1It has been brought to our attention that imported dogs are being entered and exhibited at shows in NSW, PRIOR to being re-registered, which, in most identified cases, is in breach of the following Dogs NSW Regulations:



The ANKC has moved to make microchipping compulsory for all registered pedigree dogs across Australia.

Microchipping must now be done before registration of a puppy. This will be enforced in all states and territories from 1st January 2012.




SECTION 6 -  Rules for Registration

6.2          Colours
6.2.11      Effective from 1 July 2011 no Shetland Sheepdog is to be registered on any register resulting from a ‘Merle to Merle’ mating born in Australia.

The following camp sites are available to DOGS NSW or members of an ANKC Ltd Member Body, when attending Shows being held at the Bill Spilstead Complex for Canine Affairs, Orchard Hills.

DOGS NSW confirms that affiliates, clubs and exhibitors each have responsibility for the care and welfare of dogs involved in shows and trials.

This Code has been prepared in consultation with Dogs NSW, Waratah National Cat Alliance, RSPCA NSW, the Animal Welfare League NSW, and other people and organisations involved in the industry. It is also endorsed by the NSW Animal Welfare Advisory Council.
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This regulation only affects the registration and showing of dogs born after 30th October 2008 that have been illegally docked.

Important information for owners of all dogs, especially young puppies