NSWGOVERNMENTThe NSW Government has today released their response to the inquiry into companion animal breeding practices.

The Companion Animal Breeding Standards information can be found at www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/cabs

The Government has elected to make traceability of breeders through enhancements to the companion animal register (CAR),their priority, rather than a direct "breeder licensing scheme".

We have long held the position that this was the obvious solution, certainly as far as our already registered breeders are concerned. We do not need any further level of licensing.

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The NSW Government are looking for potential Pet Educators and their dogs to present to students from Pre-school through to Year 2 to promote the message of responsible pet ownership and dog safety in the community.

The Program is now calling for expressions of interest from enthusiastic people to fill some vacancies. If you enjoy talking to children, have the time, own a happy and healthy dog that resides with you and enjoys socialising with children of all ages, please consider this program.

Notice is hereby given that the next meeting of National Breed Councils will be held on Saturday, 13th June, 2015, commencing at 9.30 a.m. at:

Dogs Victoria Bulla Exhibition Centre
Calabria Club 5 Uniting Lane

3The AVA and ANKC Ltd jointly established the Canine Hip and Elbow dysplasia scheme in January 2000, and since that time the AVA has been responsible for administering the scheme from its Canberra office.

The AVA has now decided to cease participation in the scheme, and ANKC Ltd will become the sole manager of the scheme once the transfer takes place.

The transition of administrative functions will occur over the next few months and is expected to be completed by the end of April, 2016.

Attention Members: Please be advised that the German Shepherd Dog grounds have been closed until further notice, due to the condition of the grounds, following the continual heavy rain.

Dogs NSW apologise for any inconvenience caused.

275244tn 302615German Shepherd DogThis is an ANKC Ltd Survey regarding Hip and Elbow Dysplasia requirements for registrations of puppies on the main register.

The survey applies to any Member of a Canine Control affiliated with the ANKC Ltd who is the owner of a registered German Shepherd Dog.

In the interests of the breed, please download and read the survey carefully and reply by 1st of March 2016 completing the return slip at the bottom of the document.



John Forbes22It is with deep regret that Dogs NSW informs the dog world of the passing of John Forbes on Friday 27th November 2015.

John was Chairman of the Junior Handler Working Party and also served as a Vice Chairman of Dogs NSW Board of Directors in 2007. He commenced his judging career in 1988 and became an All Breeds Judge in 2005.

Poo bags webPlease be aware that we have NEW RECYCLING BINS on the grounds with YELLOW lids.  These bins are for RECYCLING ONLY...NOT FOR POO BAGS!

Please place all POO BAGS in the GENERAL WASTE BINS ONLY!!! 

These are the dark green bins with green tops.

Dogs NSW Ground staff appreciate your co-operation with this matter.

Please find below a copy of the Minutes from the Presidents & Secretaries meeting held 19 September 2015.

These minutes were presented to the Board of Director in October 2013 and were approved.

Download MinutesAdobe_Download

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How does transport moderate the health promoting aspects of companion animal ownership?

This is a study conducted by the University of Sydney to explore the ways people are mobile with their dogs in the Sydney area and surrounds.

If you own a dog and are over the age of 18 the University of Sydney would love for you to participate. Participation simply involves completing a 10 minute on-line questionnaire which can be accessed here: http://tinyurl.com/carsandcanines

Danes in square

There has been an update to the recently released 'Australian Great Dane Health & Lifestyle Survey  2015' project and report by the Australian Great Dane community.

There was an error in a piece of the data analysis which has been rectified now and an updated version of the report has now been loaded to the website at www.australiangreatdanehealthsurvey.com

For anyone who has downloaded the report in the time between July 19th – August 5th 2015, please pop back and pull out a new copy or print a new Page 43.

The Australian Great Dane community came together from January 30th, 2015 to participate in a broad spectrum health & lifestyle prevalence survey. Data was collected over 8 weeks from 1,165 purebred Great Dane dogs. In the months of April – July 2015, this data was prepared, analysed and written into a report presenting the findings. The report was launched on July 17th and the amended edition is now available for viewing.