Dogs NSW Logo BlueDue to flooding at Forbes, the Forbes P A & H Association Championship Show, scheduled to be conducted tomorrow Friday 9 September 2016, has been cancelled.

For further queries please contact
(02) 6851 1221 (extreme weather status phone number).

Jet and MacSydney University are looking for people who own/breed Border Collies in Australia, or have done so in the past to complete their survey. University researchers  are examining Border Collie longevity and current health status, with a particular focus on Lymphoma.

To participate in the Mac and Jetty Lymphoma Research project please contact: via the project website: or fill in the survey at:

All information provided in this survey is strictly confidential and should take about 5-10 minutes to complete.

Dogs NSW Logo BlueThe Festival of Agility, due to be held this weekend on the GSDL Grounds has been cancelled due to the inclement weather.

Dogs NSW Logo BlueAttention members! 
Please note the German Shepherd Dog League area (including the Oval and Building) has been closed for the rest of the week due to the condition of the grounds.

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Australian National Kennel Council Ltd


The ANKC Ltd Board resolved at the May 2016 Board meeting for the following motion passed at the October 2015 Board meeting as well as a subsequent electronic motion be rescinded prior to the endorsement of a recommendation received from the National Breed Standards Coordination Group.


Acceptance for registration with the ANKC Ltd of Australian bred White Swiss Shepherd Dogs registered with the White Swiss Shepherd Dog Club of Australia Inc A0043538A

This survey applies to any Member of an ANKC Ltd affiliated Member Body who is the owner of an ANKC Ltd registered White Swiss Shepherd Dog.

ANKC Logo Col art copyRecently, the ANKC Ltd has been in negotiations with the FCI for the continuance as an Associate Member.

Over the years the FCI has allowed the ANKC Ltd to operate in a manner that in many cases was in breach of the FCI Statutes. The FCI has informed the ANKC that this is no longer tenable if we are to remain members, and we will be expected to comply with the FCI Statutes for an Associate Member as per all the other FCI Associate Members.

In June 2016 the ANKC Ltd President and Vice President attended a meeting in Belgium with the FCI Executive to express our concerns with Australia being required to comply fully with the FCI Statutes, due to our isolation and Bio Security requirements. The meeting was very successful and the FCI were very responsive to the ANKC Ltd views and a reasonable way forward was discussed.

From that meeting and subsequent correspondence from the FCI Secretariat, a number of proposals are to be put to the FCI General Committee, with the understanding that the ANKC Ltd still continue as an Associate Member.

To read these proposals please view the full notice from ANKC Ltd President Hugh Gent:Adobe Download

hungarianThe Hungarian Vizsla Club of NSW is pleased to circulate to the members a Report on their 2014 Health Survey and would like to express their thanks to Karyn Orzeszko, who compiled the report on behalf of the Club. Karyn has produced a document giving us insight into current breed health.

Thanks were also expressed for Professor Annette Dobson, Professor of Biostatistics, School of Public Health, University of Qld for kindly reviewing and commenting on the report and to all who took the time to complete and submit surveys. Without your help this could not have been achieved.

Please view attached report:Adobe Download

Ros Leighton
Hungarian Vizsla Club of NSW


BelgianShepherdAs confirmed at the October 2015 Board meeting ANKC Ltd has adopted the FCI Regulations pertaining to inter variety breeding of Belgian Shepherd Dogs and this is still in effect. 

German Shepherd DogRecently ANKC Ltd conducted a survey to ascertain the opinion of registered German Shepherd Dog owners in relation to Litter Registration Limitations of the breed.

Read more on the ANKC Website about the results and the amendments to limitations as of 1st January 2017

9773 smallIf you are interested in showing what your dog can do to the general public and promoting Responsible Dog Ownership, why not become a member of the Dogs NSW Performance Team?

Fun days out, training in a relaxed environment with no competitiveness and the opportunity to make new friends and have fun with your dog.