ANKC Logo Col art copyRecently, the ANKC Ltd has been in negotiations with the FCI for the continuance as an Associate Member.

Over the years the FCI has allowed the ANKC Ltd to operate in a manner that in many cases was in breach of the FCI Statutes. The FCI has informed the ANKC that this is no longer tenable if we are to remain members, and we will be expected to comply with the FCI Statutes for an Associate Member as per all the other FCI Associate Members.

In June 2016 the ANKC Ltd President and Vice President attended a meeting in Belgium with the FCI Executive to express our concerns with Australia being required to comply fully with the FCI Statutes, due to our isolation and Bio Security requirements. The meeting was very successful and the FCI were very responsive to the ANKC Ltd views and a reasonable way forward was discussed.

From that meeting and subsequent correspondence from the FCI Secretariat, a number of proposals are to be put to the FCI General Committee, with the understanding that the ANKC Ltd still continue as an Associate Member.

To read these proposals please view the full notice from ANKC Ltd President Hugh Gent:Adobe Download

The expectations of the FCI are reasonable and continued Associate Membership allows ANKC Ltd Member Bodies to contract FCI Judges to judge in Australia and our Judges to gain valuable experience judging at FCI events. It also facilitates the continued exporting and importing of dogs from FCI countries to further develop our bloodlines.

The ANKC Ltd Directors will be meeting with members of the FCI Executive later this year. It is anticipated that ANKC Ltd and the FCI will come to an agreement in principle. Should you have any uncertainties in relation to ANKC Ltd continued Associate Membership with the FCI you are urged to discuss them with your Member Body ANKC Ltd Director/s to ensure you get the complete facts.

Dogs NSW Open Meeting of Members

To get the full facts please attend the Open Meeting, which will be held in the Amenities Building at Dogs NSW grounds on 5th October, commencing at 7pm, to consider the new terms for the ANKC/FCI Associate Membership prior to the ANKC Ltd October 2016 Conference.

If you wish to be listed as a speaker at the meeting, please advise the Dogs NSW Office by Monday 26 September 2016.  If you are unable to attend this meeting you are welcome to send in your comments to the Dogs NSW Office by letter/email by the above mentioned date.