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Recently ANKC Ltd conducted a survey to ascertain the opinion of ANKC Ltd registered White Swiss Shepherd Dog owners in relation to ANKC Ltd accepting for registration Australian born White Swiss Shepherd Dogs registered with the White Swiss Shepherd Dog Club of Australia Inc A0043538A which complied with all the following conditions and would apply to litters born from 1st July 2017, with these dogs being eligible to participate in all relevant ANKC Ltd disciplines: -

1.1  There are a minimum of 3 generations of White Swiss Shepherd Dogs only;
1.2  White Swiss Shepherd Dogs cannot be mated to White German Shepherd Dogs;
1.3  A White Swiss Shepherd Dog cannot be accepted if within 3 generations there was a White German Shepherd Dog used after 1 January 2005;
1.4  White German Shepherd Dogs or White Coloured German Shepherd Dogs cannot be used or re-registered as a White Swiss Shepherd Dog.

In order to accept the Australian bred White Swiss Shepherd Dogs into the ANKC Ltd Database Registry, the conditions (as stated above) had to be met. A majority of registered owners within the breed and responding to the survey had to be in favour before approval would be given by ANKC Ltd for this to proceed.

The response received from owners has indicated an overwhelming rejection of this recommendation.

In view of this no action will be taken to implement the recommendation at this stage and the ANKC Ltd Board will discuss the results of this survey at a future meeting.

Ms Tracey Barry
ANKC Ltd Administrator