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Dogs NSW is turning up the heat on leaving kids and dogs in hot cars, as the Bureau of Meteorology forecasts warmer than average temperatures for the next three months.

It takes only 10 minutes for the inside of a car to skyrocket by 20 degrees¹! Imagine the deadly heat inside your car when the temperature hits 40+ degrees outside, like in many parts of NSW this summer.

Dogs NSW reminds families that a child left in a parked car in warm temperatures can very quickly become distressed, dehydrated and can die from organ failure. Dogs can’t sweat to cool themselves so they can develop heat stroke and die very quickly in hot conditions.

In fact, it only takes six minutes for a dog to die in the car²! Please Watch RSPCA’s dog safety video. Kids and Dogs Die in Hot Cars Sticker 2 web

One Decision also released a heartbreaking child safety (re-enactment) film on vehicular heat stroke!

Watch and you will see what could happen if you leave a child in the car.

What to do if you see a child or dog locked in a car?

If you see a child locked in a car, immediately phone 000 or NRMA on 13 11 11. The NRMA advises if the child is distressed do not wait for help; instead, smash a window and remove the child from the vehicle.

If you see a dog suffering in a hot car, phone your local RSPCA immediately on 1300 278 3589.

Leaving an unattended child locked in a car under any circumstances is illegal with fines of up to $22,000 under the Children and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Act 1998.³
Causing animals to suffer in any way is a criminal offence. If your dog suffers as a result of being left in a car, you can be fined $5,500 and can spend six months in jail. If your dog dies as a result of being left in a car, charges include $22,500 in fines and two years in jailā“.

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