Dogs NSW Logo BlueAll members in the Upper Lachlan Shire Council should be aware that this evening the Local Council will be meeting at the Crookwell Council Chambers and an agenda item is The Keeping of Companion Animals Policy. Residents can meet from 5.30pm to discuss concerns with Council Officers, with the meeting due to commence at 6.00pm.

It is suggested that prior to attending the meeting you contact your local Councillors either by phone, fax or email to express your objections.

Some points to assist are:

  • Under the Companion Animals Act 1998, companion animals numbers are not limited
  • Councils DO NOT have powers under the Local Govt Act 1993 or Companion Animals Act 1998 to enforce a limit of animals kept as pets by all residents
  • A Local Orders Policy CANNOT require a person to apply to keep more than the specified numbers of animals

The aim of acting today and quickly is to endeavour to have the Draft Policy rejected at tonight’s meeting. Should it be passed at the meeting then there is a 28 day window for public comment/submissions. That time will be critical in presenting a strong objection.

Please encourage any resident that has dogs or cats as family companions to join you to voice your objection. It is of paramount importance that any discussion be pleasant, respectful and brief. Dogs NSW will continue to provide information to assist its members.

Ministers Circular - click for further information