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Dogs NSW President, Lynnette Brown, urges all members to go to the below links and inform Minister Niall Blair how the Draft Standards and Guidelines for Animal Welfare Code of Practice Breeding Dogs and Cats will affect the welfare of puppies bred in large commercial facilities and how it will affect you!

Suggested points are:

  • How long have you been a member of Dogs NSW?
  • What breed or breeds do you have?
  • What discipline(s) do you participate in with your dogs?
  • The importance of your dogs to the family e.g. enables all family members to enjoy social activities together
  • For how long have you been breeding your dogs?
  • What health testing do you do?
  • Your aim is to breed happy, healthy puppies for your next show / obedience /agility dog, etc
  • You are committed to rehoming only happy and healthy dogs
  • How the proposed POCTA changes will impact on you: i.e. can't afford the required training course, insufficient space for kennels and pens, air conditioning costs, puppies not in the home, potential RSPCA prosecution for failing to have treatment room and isolation facility.
  • Other activities your dogs participate in: e.g.: Pets as Therapy, Assistance Dogs, Responsible Pet Ownership Program in Schools
  • Also, do you provide a Rescue Service or assist in rehoming rescued purebred dogs?