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The Chair of DOGS NSW wishes to advise that the following motion, being recognition of the Australiasian Bosdog, will be reconsidered at the next meeting of the DOGS NSW Board of Directors on 8 August 2018.


That ANKC Ltd recognises the Australasian Bosdog on the development Register for a period of 10 years.

1.9.2 Australasian Bosdog

  1. Only Australasian Bosdogs registered with the Australasian Bosdog Society Inc. (ABS) with a five [5] generations pedigree (1 + 4) all registered with the ABS or its equivalent (as approved by ANKC Ltd) will be eligible to be re-registered in the ANKC Ltd Main/Limit Register.
  2. The ANKC Ltd agreement only applies to the Australasian Bosdog Society Inc.
  3. Dogs approved for registration on the ANKC Ltd Main Register will be approved for exhibition and breeding from 01 January 2019.
  4. The Australasian Bosdog Development Register closes on the 31 December 2028.


Application has been made by the Australasian Bosdog Society Inc (ABS) for the Australian Bosdog to be included on the ANKC Ltd Development Register. The application was reviewed by the National Breed Standards Coordination Committee and by a majority vote the recommendation was to accept the breed on the development Register.

From the information provided the breed meets the requirements of Regulations Part 6 The Register and Registrations, Section 10 for the Recognition of New Breeds. There is no reason why the ANKC Ltd should reject the application of the ABS on the grounds on non-conformance to the regulations of the ANKC Ltd.

In the current climate, the ANKC Ltd needs to start embracing the dog world as a whole or be overtaken by other registries which are growing stronger by the ANKC Ltd stagnation in recognition of new breeds and activities. We need to gain strength and the only way this can be achieved is by being seen to be inclusive of all things dog including Pedigrees and Non pedigree sporting activities and welfare.

A dedicated email address has been assigned for members to forward their comments and submissions for consideration by the Board of Directors of DOGS NSW.

Please see attached submission