ACES logoMembers – please note the following dates for Eye Certification Clinics conducted under AVA-ANKC Australian Canine Eye Scheme (ACES) Rules, for the balance of this year.

These dates are available to all Dogs NSW Members from greater Sydney and points West.

Each monthly Eye Clinic will operate from the SECRETARIES HUT on Dogs NSW Grounds at Orchard Hills (on the concourse overlooking the show rings, behind the main Admin Block).

Dates are:

Thursday, September 6 (4.00pm to 7.00pm)

Thursday, October 11 (4.00pm to 7.00pm)

Thursday, November 15 (4.00pm to 7.00pm)

Thursday, December 6 (4.00pm to 7.00pm)


These dates are all confirmed, barring unforeseen circumstances that may necessitate a change, if so this will be advised in good time, depending on Meeting Room availability.

Usually we aim to do the LITTERS FIRST aiming to minimise the exposure of any 8-week-old pups whose initial vaccination response status remains uncertain, to adult dogs coming in from different regions and kennelling situations. To date we have had no issues with litters being exposed to undue health risks, and I will continue to handle them separately.

Scale of Fees applicable at these Clinics – these are flat rates on offer to all Dogs NSW Members, so long as they comply with my reasonable requests to have their paperwork in order and Microchip records readily available, also that their dogs are well disciplined and used to close handling, so that we can get through 20 - 25 dogs in the time available.

Adult ACES Certificates – for the first and second dog under the same ownership and booked at the same time: $100 each, incl. GST and the current t AVA processing fee.

Adult ACES Certificates – for three or more dogs under the same ownership and booked at the same time: $90 each, incl. GST and the current AVA processing fee.

Litter rates – usually $60 to $65 per puppy depending on the size of the litter and age at which they are presented, but with a minimum charge of $220 to cover the appointment set up / reporting costs – even for a litter of just one or two.

In those breeds where a once-only Gonioscopy Test is required (usually at 18-24 months and always in addition to a current ACES Adult Exam), the flat rate Gonioscopy Test Fee is $70 per adult – additional to the applicable ACES exam fee, depending on numbers. I generally limit the number of Gonioscopy exams to four, done at the end of the session.

All requests should be forwarded to my professional Email and not to my mobile (as a recorded message or a text). Once scheduling time comes around I need to have all requests in the same Email folder if I am to give each person the time required.

Breed Clubs please note: If your members support the idea of a stand-alone ACES Clinic (e.g. in conjunction with a Heart Clinic or approved DNA Test sample collection), separate arrangements may be agreed to, if YOU book the venue and organise the appointments.

For further information on ACES Eye Certification at Orchard Hills and also in regional areas from time to time, go to the Facebook Group page ACES Eye Clinic - Dogs NSW Members

Finally, I want to record my thanks to Dr Rob Zammit and the staff at Vineyard Veterinary Hospital, who have allowed me to conduct limited-availability ACES Clinics for Dogs NSW Members during the last eight months. This allowed me to keep up with urgent requests a bit closer to home and has made things much easier to manage during my rehabilitation.

For further information rewgarding the Eye Clinics or for updates please refer to Facebook group page:  ACES Eye Clinic – Dogs NSW Members.

Bruce Robertson

Dr Bruce Robertson BVSc Cert.V.Ophthal (RCVS) FANZCVS (Ophthalmology)
Veterinary Eye Specialist (Sydney, ret.)