Important information for owners of all dogs, especially young puppies


Dr Karen Hedberg has advised on this subject and set out below is some very important information that owners of all dogs, especially young puppies, should be aware that springtime is often the worst time for Gastric virus and infections. Added factors can produce gastric "results":

  • Young age
  • Recent stresses such as vaccinations
  • Change of water supply
  • Travelling

Rarely do the above result in the more severe viral conditions, for this to occur there has usually been a prior exposure to the virus - generally the incubation is 3-7 days although this can be as short as 2 days.

Exhibitors need to be aware that all dog grounds, during the warmer months, can be a risk and one can never 100% guarantee any grounds.

Dog exhibitors must always assess the relative risk before exhibiting their younger animals, certainly keeping young puppies (less than 12 weeks) away from dog shows(particularly in spring time) will limit their exposure. Vaccinations against parvovirus are not considered "complete" or the puppy fully covered until at least after the second vaccination at 12 weeks (and then wait at least 5 days). Preferably, at times of high risk, puppies ideally not be exposed to situations of high risk/stress until after a third injection at 16-18 weeks of age.

Any puppies that are ill, sick, vomiting, depressed and with bloody diarrhoea should naturally not be taken to shows however if the symptoms only become apparent at a show they should be immediately removed from the show grounds and taken to the owner’s veterinarian for assessment.

Dr Karen Hedberg BVSc

Members please note:
Your attention is drawn to the Declaration on the Entry Form for any event, which states the following:

“I certify that this exhibit has not within the said period of three months been in kennels affected with Distemper, Canine Hepatitis, Parvo Virus or any other contagious or infectious disease and that the dog has been vaccinated.”


Christine Davis
Chief Executive Officer