This regulation only affects the registration and showing of dogs born after 30th October 2008 that have been illegally docked.

It does not prohibit the registration and showing of dogs born after 30th October 2008 that are legally docked

At its meeting of August 13th 2008 the Board unanimously passed the following Resolutions: ‐

Resolution 1.

That the following regulation be added to Part I - Register & Registration.

Section 22 ‐ Registration and Exhibition of Docked Dogs.

1. A Non Registrable Docked Dog is any dog that:

(i) was born after 30 October 2008; and

(ii) has had all or part of its tail removed (other than a part of the tail consisting only of fur, hair, or the like) whether by surgical or other means in circumstances where such removal was:

a. not in accordance with the law of NSW; or

b. conducted outside New South Wales and not in accordance with the laws of the place where the removal occurred and the dog was not a resident in New South Wales on or before the date of the removal.

2. At no time may a Non Registrable Docked Dog:

(i) be registered or remain on the register; or

(ii) be exhibited or shown at an exhibition or show in New South Wales.

3. If a dog is born after 30 October 2008, the Board may at any time, by notice in writing, require a member in whose name the dog is registered or in whose name an application has been made to register the dog, to supply it with documentary evidence which substantiates that a dog is not a Non Registrable Docked Dog.

4. If the member shall not supply to the Board the evidence referred to in clause 3 above within 30 days of the date of such notice the Board may suspend the registration of the dog until such evidence is supplied to it. During such suspension the dog may not

(i) be exhibited in any exhibition or show,

(ii) be bred with or used at stud and/or

(iii) transferred.

5. The Board of Directors may from time to time specify such documentary evidence as shall be required by it pursuant to Clause 3.

6. An Application for registration of a dog shall contain a certification by the applicant as follows "This application is in compliance with Dogs NSW Regulations".

Resolution 2.

That Regulations Part II - Show, Section 14.4 be altered by 'deleting the words "Notwithstanding anything hereinbefore contained" and substituting therefore the following words "Subject to Regulations Part 1 Registration, Section 22 but otherwise notwithstanding anything hereinbefore contained"

Notes for Members

1. Administration by CEO

Administration of the new regulations will be by the CEO, Christine Davis, and her staff and any queries should be directed accordingly.

2. Evidence that substantiates a dog is legally docked.

a) Evidence provided must contain microchip number to identify subject dog.

b) If member asserts dog is not docked, veterinary certificate stating that fact.

c) If dog is docked in NSW Veterinary certificate of Compliance with Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Laws.

d) If dog imported to NSW, Veterinary certificate of compliance with applicable laws and travel and AQIS documents where relevant or

e) If docking is legal without veterinary intervention in the jurisdiction that dog is imported from then travel and AQIS documents where relevant to be provided.

f) The Regulation does not apply to a natural bob tail dog unless it has been docked.

g) Information provided by members shall remain confidential.

3. Pre Clearance of Docked dogs

Members may, at any time, supply evidence, which substantiates that a dog born after 30th October2008 has been legally docked and obtain a certificate of clearance at no charge.

4. Dogs born before 30th October 2008

Subject to compliance with other Dogs NSW rules and regulations, Dogs born before the above date that have been docked may be still be registered and shown in New South Wales.

Christine Davis

CEO and Secretary,

Dogs NSW.