DOGS NSW confirms that affiliates, clubs and exhibitors each have responsibility for the care and welfare of dogs involved in shows and trials.




To assist our affliates, clubs and exhibitors, should extreme temperatures be forecast for the day/s on which your show or trial is being held, DOGS NSW recommends that the following procedures be implemented:

• No show/trial is to commence until such time as the temperature is below 40° Celsius
• During the day, should the temperature reach 40° Celsius then the show/trial is to cease forthwith

PLEASE NOTE: In the months of December to February inclusive, Clubs have the option of conducting either a day show (or trial) or an evening show.  During this period, day shows must be scheduled to commence no later than 8.00am and evening shows must be scheduled to commence no earlier than 5.00pm.  Outside of this period, commencement times remain optional.

In the event that a show or trial is being conducted in hot conditions, even where the temperature is below 40° Celsius, the following recommendations are put forward. They are not intended to be exhaustive and affiliates, clubs and members are reminded to consider carefully their individual conditions and circumstances:-

For Affiliates/Clubs

• Ensure that fresh water is easily available for exhibitors and dogs i.e. provide the location of taps – there should be several taps available at large shows.
• Ideally, provide some child wading pools pre-filled with water in shady areas so distressed dogs can be rapidly cooled.
• Provide shade for exhibitors and dogs in the assembly areas
• Ensure that both exhibitors and dogs can leave the ring for shelter and then come back into the ring for the final selection  i.e. large class, Group or General Specials
• Provide towels or similar covers to be placed on the examination tables
• Provide regular announcements about dogs in cars and tents (heat exhaustion)
• Postpone the luncheon break until after the conclusion of the show or trial
• Consider in the future that your show be scheduled as an evening event



• Obtain advice from your veterinary surgeon as to your dog’s fitness/good health to be comfortably shown in differing weather conditions
• Bring suitable shade for protecti on from the sun and sufficient supplies to ensure that your dog is comfortable and well hydrated throughout the day
• If you cannot keep your dog comfortable at a show/trial take it home Dogs NSW invites affiliates and members to provide feedback on initiatives that they take to deal with extreme weather conditions so that they can be shared with other affi liates and members.

We would sincerely appreciate your co-operation in assisting DOGS NSW to continue to “Promote Responsible Dog Ownership.”



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