The ANKC has moved to make microchipping compulsory for all registered pedigree dogs across Australia.

Microchipping must now be done before registration of a puppy. This will be enforced in all states and territories from 1st January 2012.


Compulsory microchipping is another step forward taken by the ANKC on behalf of dogs in Australia. The microchip details are recorded in a central database and a portable scanner is used to read the chip and identify the dog. The benefits of microchipping have been proven now for over a decade.

For purebred dogs, the pedigree can be verified beyond doubt because of compulsory microchipping. In the past DNA evidence has been provided, but this information often lacks clear identification. Microchipping is a superior system and leaves no doubt about the identity of the dog.

Just as importantly there is a major benefit to pet dog owners if their dog is lost. Compulsory microchipping of pedigree dogs will make it easier for pounds or dog shelters to return the dogs to their owners because they will be identified immediately and reunited with their loved ones.

This is another positive move by responsible registered breeders to eliminate unregistered puppy farmers. Microchips in registered dogs will become the expected norm, providing peace of mind for new dog owners.
The procedure for microchipping is a simple, safe and inexpensive one. It can be done by a veterinary surgeon in a few seconds and lasts for the life of the dog.

Compulsory microchipping of registered pedigree dogs is another initiative by the ANKC towards standards of excellence in dog breeding, and is a significant promotion of the welfare of dogs in Australia.