Most regrettably it has been necessary for a number of shows to be cancelled this weekend due to hazardous conditions that prevail at showgrounds themselves and related access roads etc.

These cancellations have been imposed under Dogs NSW Show Regulation Part 2 - Show Section 19.

19.2 Safety Guidelines

The safety of members and their dogs is of paramount importance. All persons concerned with the conduct of shows or trials are required to exercise due care and to ensure that activities are conducted under safe conditions.

The following requirements are to be observed:-

a) Exhibitions are not to be conducted under hazardous conditions.

The obligations of affiliates to meet contracted obligations such as any judges expenses that have already been incurred, sash, ribbon & trophy purchases and in some cases, catering costs for purchases made before the cancellation.

For this reason, when introducing the Extreme Weather & Safety Regulations, the Board of Directors considered it necessary to impose a nil refund policy and this is reflected in Regulation 19.3 which says

"19.3 In the event of cancellation of a show in accordance with this Regulation, a refund of entry fees shall not apply."

Nil refunds for show cancellations also apply in other states.

The Board is confident that any Affiliate which obtains any windfall profit as a result of this policy will find a way of returning it to exhibitors in due course. (e.g. reduced entry fees for their next show).

Tom Couchman

President, Dogs NSW