The Supreme Champion title is in effect as from 1 July 2012. The following procedure is required by the office in order to verify the award;

  • Member completes the Supreme Champion application for a dog that has already been awarded a Grand Champion title
  • The member must provide the following details on the application:
  1. the 3 All Breeds Best in Shows; or 10 Best in Group/Specialty Best in Show and the details of those 3 different Best in Show Judges or 10 different Best in Group/Specialty judges that made the awards
  2. a Challenge Certificate awarded to the dog in question after 1 July 2012

The above awards will then need to be verified by the office from our Show Results.

However if the member has been presented with an “Award Card” clearly indicating any of the above BIS or BIG wins, they could either submit a copy or present the cards at the office, which will effectively reduce the time required for the staff to verify the details.

Please note that a Best In Show at a Semi-Group Show does not qualify as a BIG for the title of Supreme Champion.


IMPORTANT: The Challenge Certificate mentioned above MUST have been awarded at a show held AFTER 1 July 2012.