DOGSNS1These awards exist to recognise the valuable contribution of inpiduals to the current and future existence of the organisation. In particular, the Awards System, described below, is intended to recognise a wide range of factors, more than simply by being a long-term Member. It also seeks to create awards so that significant contributions to Dogs NSW may be recognised appropriately.


The two awards available to members are:


1. Distinguished Service Award 

2. Honorary Life Membership

The award of Life Membership is the highest honour that Dogs NSW can bestow on an inpidual. It is conferred on those who have made an exceptional contribution to the existence and advancement of the organisation. The aim is to make life membership hard to obtain so that it is respected by members and valued by recipients.


Members wishing to nominate a fellow Member for either Award may apply to the Office for the appropriate Nomination Form. Each form must be completed by two members, in good standing and lodged with the office prior to the advertised closing date for nominations.

All nominations are to be treated in the strictest confidence.

Nominations will be referred to the Honours Working Party for due consideration to be followed by the Working Party’s recommendations to the Board of Directors.



1. Distinguished Service Award

The Nominee is to be a continuous financial member of Dogs NSW for a minimum period of 15 years.The Nominee must have served the dog world in an effective and meaningful way; such as Member of an Affiliate, a Committee Member, a Steward, an Event Organiser and any of the other many contributing roles which require a considerable degree of personal endeavour, involvement and dedication.

2. Honorary Life Membership

The Nominee is to be a continuous financial member of Dogs NSW for a minimum period of 25 years.The Nominee must have demonstrated significant, sustained and high quality service enhancing the reputation and future of the overall organisation particularly to the administration, development and promotion of the canine world.

Exceptional Criteria

Should a member lack the membership precondition, but it can be demonstrated that the member has provided outstanding and meritorious services to Dogs NSW, then a nomination may well be warranted. NOTE: The members of the Honours Working Party are of the view that should a nomination not be successful, further nominations for that nominee should not be considered for a minimum period of three years.

Please forward the completed nomination form, marked to the attention of: The CEO Dogs NSW by Post: PO Box 632, ST MARYS, NSW 2790; Email: or Fax: (02) 9834 3872. All completed nomination forms are to be submitted to Dogs NSW no later than Friday, 31 May 2013.