Microsoft have just released an update to Internet Explorer 9 with its new version 10, please note that it’s still in preview stage so bugs and compatibility issues are not at all surprising.

Windows 8 is now also releasing Version 11 of Internet Explorer on brand new computers, both of these web browsers are not compatible with our online services website.

As a matter of fact these Microsoft updates have only just happened in the last month and there is a large amount of websites worldwide that are now not compatible because of the Microsoft upgrade, it will take time slowly for everyone to update their websites to be used with the new browser update.

There are instructions on how to ROLL BACK this update on the Internet (link below) or alternatively you can install Mozilla Firefox (Alternative Website Browser).

Mozilla Firefox

Our Data Technicians will be working on the ecommerce site in the coming months to make it compatible with this new update and version of Internet Explorer, if you have any further questions or would like help in rolling back this update you can contact me on my number below