Sydney: Breeders of pedigree dogs across NSW will fight plans outlined by the Government in its recently released ‘Companion Animals Taskforce Report’.

Dogs NSW, an organisation representing 10,000 owners of pure bred dogs, says the Taskforce has got it all wrong by focusing its attention on already regulated areas of the animal industry rather than going after the currently unaccountable.

Leading Australian vet and Dogs NSW Committee member, Dr Robert Zammit, said the Taskforce was primarily responsible for recommending ways to decrease the euthanasia rates of companion animals in this state.

“Although the Taskforce has recommended a discounted registration fee for a desexed animal purchased from a pound or shelter, it does little to compel or even encourage Councils to actually introduce compulsory desexing.” he said.

“Two of the largest Councils in NSW have proved that compulsory desexing is doable, does NOT increase costs to Council or State AND reduces euthanasia rates.

“The Taskforce and its recommendations are wrong in this case.”

Dogs NSW believes its members should be exempt from the provisions and left to successfully self-regulate as they have been doing for 64 years.

“If the government is serious about addressing the problem, it will close down back-yard breeders and run serious education programs focusing on pups being for life,” Zammit said.

“If the Taskforce’s recommendations are implemented, backyard breeders will go underground and responsible pet breeders will be regulated out of existence.”

He added that this is the first time ever that an attempt has being made to legislate pedigree hobby breeders and place them in the same category as large scale commercial breeders and puppy farmers.

“The recommendations seek to punish those who are the easiest target, the purebred dog breeders, who have regulated themselves and always placed the health and soundness of the animals they produce at a premium.”

Zammit called on the government to reconsider its report and exempt Dogs NSW members from the recommendations. “They are not part of the problem” he said.

He reminded people Dogs NSW is responsible for rescuing, desexing, vaccinating and finding homes for thousands of dogs each year.


“We have done more to decrease euthanasia rates than any other single body,” he added.

Further info contact: Robert Zammit 0434 233 918 / Brian Crump 0419 417 813