Deidre_CroftDogs NSW are delighted to announce the addition of Deirdre Crofts in the role of Animal Welfare and Community Liaison Officer at their head office. The role is vital to help the organisation run more efficiently.


Key duties include assisting members in fulfilling their obligations as responsible owners and breeders, reviewing Dogs NSW regulations and submitting amendments to the board for consideration, providing assistance to members where it is determined by Dogs NSW that there is a need for assistance in animal welfare issues or disputes, liaising between members and local council whenever a conflict arises and providing a monthly report to the CEO prior to the closing of the agenda for the board’s monthly meetings.


“This is a role created to help the members, I will be there to offer support and advice on various issues providing any assistance needed,” said Deidre. “I am very excited to take on the role. My predecessor Alan Candlish did a wonderful job. To have the opportunity to carry on from what he did is marvellous and I can only hope that I can be as good as he was.”


To contact Deirdre you can call her on 0438 400 609 or email her at