We continue the fight for our rights

The Board of Directors wish to convey a very important message to all Members of Dogs NSW as urgently as possible.

Some of this has been stated previously but needs reiteration for the purposes of understanding by all members we are now addressing.

Early in 2012 the NSW Companion Animals Taskforce released a Discussion Paper highlighting recommendations they were considering including in a Report they had been commissioned to make to relevant Ministers.

Some of these recommendations, most particularly the one which proposes a further tier of Breeder Licencing, were opposed by both the Board and the Membership and together we lodged almost 1000 submissions against that occurring.

Copy of RNSWCC's 2012 submission in response to the Taskforce recommendations. Adobe_Download


On 25 March 2013, the Ministers for Local Government (Don Page) and Primary Industries (Katrina Hodgkinson) released the Report of the Taskforce providing for a further period of six weeks for public consultation. 

There are 22 formal recommendations in the main report but of most immediate interest to our membership are the following:
Recommendation 1 - A breeder licensing system should be established and the Companion Animals Register should be updated to capture breeder licence information for each animal record. 

Recommendation 2 - The Animal Welfare Code of Practice – Breeding Dogs and Cats should be revised to ensure that the existing guidelines it contains become enforceable standards. 

Recommendation 3 - Relevant animal welfare codes of practice should be amended to require the sellers of cats and dogs to display an animal’s microchip number (or the licence number of the breeder of an animal) in all advertisements, and at point of sale in the case of pet shops, markets and fairs.

The report itself and media release are available at the following links and the following website:


The Board of Directors at their meeting held on Wednesday 10 April 2013 appointed a Steering Committee to plan and ultimately implement the official Dogs NSW response and submission.

This task has been completed with our submission having been lodged with Government for consideration on 23 May 2013.

Our response was developed by the Steering Committee in close collaboration with the Board of Directors and was greatly assisted by a considerable input from a wide cross section of the membership.

You can read the Dogs NSW response here Adobe_Download

This fight is by no means over, let alone won. We still need your help.

The relevant Government Department is now analysing all responses, which were provided throughout the community consultation period, and their report will be provided to Ministers Page and Hodgkinson who will formulate their final recommendations to the Parliament.

We appreciate the effort of the many members who have taken the time to both visit and write to their local Parliamentary member. This has unquestionably drawn attention to the position of our membership and could ultimately be the key to Dogs NSW retaining its right to self-govern its affairs.

This pro-active and visible approach to Parliamentarians needs to continue and we encourage all members who haven’t yet done so, to both visit and write to their local Member and the two relevant Ministers outlining your concerns with the recommendations. Any member who is successful in obtaining an appointment is asked to contact Dogs NSW () to obtain a “Pollie Pack” for you to give to your Parliamentarian.

You can find their contact details here.

A review of the Executive Summary of the Dogs NSW response will assist you in talking to your politician.

In the meantime I am sure any Director will be happy to respond to any questions in relation to these issues.

In closing I wish to extend my very sincere personal thanks to all members of the Steering Committee and a number of others who have unselfishly given so much of their time to help win our fight to continue to self-regulate.

Tom Couchman

Dogs NSW

STOP PRESS 19th June 2013

For those of you who would like assistance in writing to the Ministers and your local members, Dogs NSW has prepared a number of Postcard messages which you can have sent to you by simply emailing

You will be sent three. Please take the little time it will take to post the postcards to the Ministers, Page and Hodgkinson which are already addressed, and send the other one to your NSW Local Member.

If there are others in your household who would also be prepared to send postcards, please request the number of sets required when ordering.