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Please find attached a Media Release issued by Brian Crump, Chairman Media & Government Legislation Committee, Dogs NSW. It is a response to Corowa Shire Council's announcement of proposed policies that could see the end of family-based hobby breeding of pure bred pedigree dogs and restrict such breeding to large-scale cashed-up commercial organisations. Adobe Download



NSW Companion Animals Taskforce Report Update

We have received further response from the Minister for Local Government in regard to actions being taken by the NSW Government in response to the Reports of the Companion Animals Taskforce and most particularly acknowledging the submissions of Dogs NSW and you, our Members.

You can read the Minister's latest letter here:Adobe Download  

This was in response to the great efforts of the membership in contacting their local parliamentary members etc, as well as to our most recent formal submission which you can read here. (insert link to our letter of 6 September)

It is encouraging that the Minister has welcomed the constructive approach Dogs NSW has taken in helping the Government understand how the recommendations will impact on responsible dog breeders and we sincerely hope this is reflected in any draft legislation being developed.

You can read the previous letter from the Minister (dated 27 August) here: Adobe Download

Thanks to Dogs NSW for Contribution to Companion Animals Taskforce

On 21st January, 2014, the Member for Mulgoa Tanya Davies today personally thanked Dogs NSW for their contribution to the State Government’s Companion Animals Taskforce.

Tanya Davies was speaking after meeting with Minister for Local Government Don Page, Dogs NSW President Elizabeth Gunter and Senior Vice President Tom Couchman ahead of the imminent release of the Government’s response to the Companion Animals Taskforce Report.

“I would like personally like to thank Mr Couchman for being on the taskforce and for volunteering his valuable time to strike a balance between community protection and animal welfare,” Tanya Davies said.

Tanya Davies

 "With their sizeable membership Dogs NSW represents a sizeable proportion of animal lovers in NSW.

“The Government sees many of their initiatives and suggestions as being part of the solution.”
Mr Page also thanked the Taskforce and Dogs NSW.

“The vital work of the Taskforce and Dogs NSW will help add to the protection of companion animals, and safeguard the community for decades to come,” Mr Page said.

Please view the attached  Media Release from the Member from Mulgoa:Adobe Download