Dear Members

Thank you for your feedback on the proposed removal of some of the features from our monthly Journal. The Board has considered your comments, and your feedback was not taken lightly.

After discussion, we have decided to retain the sections of the Gazette that are so obviously of particular importance to the Members.

These sections include:

•Championships and Titles Awarded
•Litters Registered
•Exports Processed
•Prefixes Approved
•Prefixes Transferred

We have, however, decided to discontinue the Breeders Directory in the magazine and proceed, as you have been advised, with the new online Breeders Directory, as planned, live 1 April 2014.

This has many benefits for Members including:-

•The online Breeders Directory will allow breeders to upload more content as well as pictures, and update it themselves at any time
•Dogs NSW breeders and their litter notices will be found more easily by the general public
•With reduced printing costs we can pass this saving on to our Members through reduced Breeders Directory advertising prices

Current advertisers in our magazine Breeders Directory will receive a refund for any unused portion of their ad payment, less the $50.00 to take them online.

If any member would like to discuss this issue directly with Dogs NSW, please contact us by email: .

If you have any issues with your online Breeders Directory advertisement contact the Dogs NSW Office. Ph: (02) 9834 3022.


President, Dogs NSW