Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) are proposing a price increase for all dogs coming into quarantine as of the 1st July.

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Please also see below an email prepared by Jet Pets Animal transport to the Federal member for Agriculture.

DAFF is only taking feedback on this matter until the 28th April so it is suggested that members provide any feedback so we can try to put a halt to these increases.

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Dear Minister Joyce,

I am writing to you in regards to the email from mailto:">  Sent: Tuesday, 15 April 2014 10:11 AM in relation to the proposed cost increases for dogs and cats entering quarantine upon their arrival into Australia.

It has come to our attention via this email that DAFF intends to introduce a dramatic increase to the charges levied for dogs and cats entering Australia from July 1, 2014

Our company, which has a long history of working with DAFF,  has some major concerns relating to the magnitude of the increase and of the backlash its increase will have as outlined below.

Under what is currently being proposed the increases represent the following  when compared to the current rates  based on 10 days of quarantine. For comparative purposes I have also included the charges from the recently changed 30 days of quarantine


In excess of 155% increase for an individual family dog when based on current 10 day system (30% higher based on previous 30 day system)
In excess of 187%  increase when  two dogs from the same family are sharing  based on the current 10 day system (  43% higher based on previous 30 day system)


In excess of 198% increase for an individual family cat when based on current 10 day system ( 70% higher based on previous 30 day system) In excess of 242% increase when two cats from the same family are sharing based on the current 10 day system ( 100% higher based on previous 30 day system)

We find it difficult to comprehend such a significant increase and to be direct,  an increase of this magnitude could be perceived as punitive in a judicial setting.  It is an extremely frustrating situation as unlike in NZ where quarantine facilities are privately run, here in Australia it is a monopoly whereby the users are dictated to by the service provider, in this case the Department of Agriculture , Fisheries and Forest.

Although I suspect the reason for such a price hike being put in place is to assist in offsetting costs associated with the new quarantine facility being built in Melbourne I believe a hike of this nature will have a reverse effect , actually effecting the revenue raised by DAFF rather than increasing it.  I believe it could affect revenues by a reduction of 50% overall as the changes will be looked to upon as a significant barrier to bring pets into Australia for returning Australian citizens who have been living abroad, skilled migrants who are relocating with their families plus those of other dog and cat related groups. Reasons attributed to this are as follows –

- Already expensive pre entry blood testing and vet checks

- Proposed new Import permit fees 

- Proposed new charges for quarantine stay

-  Additional  transport costs associated with the new quarantine station to be located in Melbourne, meaning additional charges to transport the pets to place of residency interstate.

In addition to the overall effect on the departments revenue I also believe it is unjust to expects families that have committed to relocate their pets to Australia up to 6 months ago to be levied with additional and unexpected quarantine charges at this late stage.  These families that have already committed to the process and have begun the import permit process, including applying for the Australian import permit should not be confronted with significant extra fees that were not expecting.  As from my example above it could be quite confronting and economically damaging.

My final concern is that I have had no indication to any improvements in the care given to the animals compared to what they are receiving now.   The proposed charges’ reflect a balloon of between 100%-200% compared to what a luxury boarding kennel is charging per day for caring for dogs and cats.  This price would include high end services.  The industry at large and private customers expect the quarantine facility to provide “industry standard” care  which they do however it is unreasonable to expect to pay between 100% and 200% for this service.

I thank you for your time in considering the above points prior to deciding upon what direction the department takes.  As we know people love their animals like one of the family and the backlash from such a decision could strike a blow in Australia’s reputation to the affected people and greater animal loving community.  

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards
Danny Burkandt
National Sales Manager 

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