Selfi shotThe Show 'em how much you love'em company is inviting dog owners to submit 'selfies' of themselves with their dog/s for the opportunity to appear on one of their love 'em treat packs.

Just email a selfie of you and your dog to Love' em and you could be on Dr Marie Rowes next pet treats pack!

“The people and pets you see on love’em packs are all real people.
I don’t use paid models - they are regular pet owners, just like you and me.
And I’m inviting you and your dog to come and join us!








I’m looking for some new faces to match up with some new pet treats.
Simply email a ‘selfie’ of you and your dog to
with name, address and phone number, and I’ll get back to you asap.”

For the promotional flyer, please view attached: Adobe Download