spamimagesIt has come to our attention that there is a spam email being sent at the moment that indicates the sender as being

The email refers to Google Docs and Google Drive, the attacker's phishing email uses the simple subject of "Imporant Documents" and contains a URL pointing to a website hosted on the Google Drive file storage, the aim is to get you to login to the phishing site revealing your credentials to attackers.

If you receive this email (example below) - DO NOT click on the link.

These emails are what is known as Phishing Emails and have not been sent by Dogs NSW.

Phishing is the practice of sending phony email messages that are disguised as legitimate. A typical Phishing Email will include a false claim about a customer’s account and either a link or button that takes them to a “spoof” website that mimics a reputable company’s actual website, in hopes that they will disclose personal information such as a credit card number or account information. Some Phishing Emails may also have attachments which may contain potential email viruses.