All Junior Handlers and Judges need to be aware of some changes made to the Junior Handler Manual, late in 2014.  These changes take effect immediately and it is important that everyone is ‘on the same page’ for the successful running of competitions into the new year.

For those of you who, like me, are a bit pressed for time, here is a brief run-down as to the main changes you need to now;

• A new ‘Sportsmanship Code of Conduct’ has been added, covering guidelines to participation for Juniors, supporters and judges.

• Neutered dogs are now, officially, allowed to compete in JH competitions; which is great news for NSW Juniors!  They must, as per NSW regulation however, still be entered on the day of the show in the Neutered class to be eligible to accompany their Junior.

• The ‘Reverse Triangle’ has been removed from the Manual.

• Instructions for return on both ‘Out and Back Together’ exercises now reads: “When the handlers return with their dogs, they turn their dogs towards themselves side on to the judge.”

• New exercise added: ‘Half-way Out and Show Your Dog.’  For those of you who remember the ‘Show and Present Your Dog’ exercise from years past, this is quite similar. Check the Manual for more details.

• New combination exercise added: ‘Around the Ring and then Straight Out and Back.’  Many of us in NSW are already familiar with performing exercises in pairs (for example ‘Out and Back’ and then straight into a ‘Triangle’), so this addition is another variation of the same. Check the Manual for more details.

All current competitors, parents and judges are encouraged to get a hold of the new Manual and read it through carefully.  Please click on the attached for a full copy of the new JH Manual. Adobe Download

Regular Training

As always, get out there and keep practicing your moves! Regular training, patience and a positive attitude are always the keys to success. Learn to handle a variety of breeds. Challenge yourself to focus on a particular skill, such as stacking your dog. And, most importantly, always enjoy your time in the ring with your four-legged and two-legged friends!

If you want to learn more, become come along to a JKC training night! Training is held on the 3rd Monday of every month (excluding December) at the Erskine Park grounds between 7 and 8 pm – all Juniors AND judges of any experience, or those interested in becoming one, are invited to attend!