uni-of-tas-300x300Researchers at the University of Tasmania are seeking to ‘capture’ the voices of breeders of pure breed dogs.

Below is a survey which will ask you to provide answers to a number of questions primarily focusing around your breeding practices and objectives as an Australian dog breeder,  it seeks information on such things as why you breed, what motivates you to breed, how you advertise your puppies, the costs of breeding, your views on their rights and obligations as breeders and health tests you perform and the responsibility you take for the puppies you produce. 


The intention of the survey is to clarify the role of regulations and consider the optimal regulatory framework in Australia that promotes the breeding of healthy long lived companion animals that takes into consideration the welfare of all dogs and ensures accountability by those that breed and own dogs.

There is more information available on the link including the names of the research team and contacts in relation to the study. 


Simone Bingham
Commercial Law Academic
Tasmanian School of Business and Economics
PhD Candidate Faculty of Law
University of Tasmania