NSWGOVERNMENTThe NSW Government has today released their response to the inquiry into companion animal breeding practices.

The Companion Animal Breeding Standards information can be found at www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/cabs

The Government has elected to make traceability of breeders through enhancements to the companion animal register (CAR),their priority, rather than a direct "breeder licensing scheme".

We have long held the position that this was the obvious solution, certainly as far as our already registered breeders are concerned. We do not need any further level of licensing.

The new updated CAR is due for start up on the 1st July and to this end I, together with Dr Karen Hedberg and the Dogs NSW CEO will be meeting next week with the representatives of the Office of Local Government charged with building the new register.

It is envisaged that at the time of microchipping the breeder's information will also be uploaded to CAR and we will be working with the OLG to utilise our existing membership numbers for this purpose.

It is also envisaged that our Members will be able to update online the details of their dogs already on CAR

I will continue to update you as information becomes available.

Elizabeth Gunter
President Dogs NSW