DOGSNSW smallResponding to the announcement by the NSW Minister for Primary Industries that the Government will move to ensure buyers of puppies and dogs will be easily able to trace back to the original breeder, Dogs NSW President Elizabeth Gunter said;

“Traceability is the aim, with stringent identification a key requirement of the new Companion Animal Breeding Standards just released by the Government. Dogs NSW supports this aim.  Dogs NSW members and its registered breeders are already required to adhere to a stringent code of ethics and practice, and we welcome these new standards for everyone who wants to breed dogs in NSW.”

Dogs NSW believes this initiative will help identify and stamp out puppy factories by more accurately alerting buyers to those factories that churn out puppies without regard for the health and welfare of the puppies.

Dogs NSW believes the new measures to ensure all puppies are microchipped will greatly assist in making the source of puppies identifiable.

Dogs NSW supports the Minister’s initiative to upgrade the Companion Animal Register with a user-friendly interface, which will allow members of the public to update details of their dogs.

Dogs NSW welcomes the increased emphasis the Minister has indicated will be applied to ensuring compliance with existing regulations and standards and looks forward to working with the Government in ensuring the health and welfare of all puppies bred and sold in NSW.