Dogs deserve the title ‘Man’s Best Friend’ for many reasons. They make wonderful companion animals, offering their humans unconditional love and many benefits to their physical and mental health.

shutterstock 11824288 webAs the peak body for all purebred dogs in NSW, Dogs NSW celebrates and honours these amazing and loyal four-legged companions on National Dog Day on August 26.


Spring Fair logo5,000 dogs and 8 international judges to attend premier championship event.

Royal NSW Canine Council International Spring Fair to open on Saturday, September 1, by His Excellency General The Honourable David Hurley AC DSC (Ret’d), Governor of New South Wales.

More than 5,000 purebred dogs are preparing to compete in one of New South Wales’ premier dog show events – the International Spring Fair - held at Orchard Hills from Aug 31 to Sept 3.

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Photo credit Dog Lovers ShowAre you thinking of getting a puppy but not sure which breed is right for your home and lifestyle, and where to get your dog from?

To sort through fact from fiction, look no further than the Dogs NSW ‘Ask the Breeders’ talks at the Sydney Dog Lovers Show on August 5 and 6! See attached schedule of talks: Adobe Download

Grounds webImagine a permanent, internationally-recognised State Dog Centre featuring numerous show rings, training areas for herding, obedience, agility and more, plus a library and museum showcasing books and artifacts on all things canine, an Education Centre and an off-leash park area for neighbourhood residents. It would be a tail-wagging destination for ‘everybody and their dog’ – literally.

Dogs NSW is the peak body responsible for promoting breeding, showing, trialling, obedience and other canine-related activities and the ownership of temperamentally and physically sound purebred dogs across the state. With more than 10,000 members, Dogs NSW is calling on the NSW Government to consider creating a permanent state dog park on its 27-year-old grounds in Orchard Hills.

“Dogs NSW’s lease with the NSW Government runs for another 11 years with an option to extend until 2038,” said Dogs NSW spokesperson Brian Crump.

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Dogs on Show web

Owning a dog is awesome and there’s no better place to see how dogs can make your life so much better than at Dogs NSW’s ‘Dogs on Show’ on Saturday, June 17 at Orchard Hills.

Dogs NSW is the peak body in New South Wales responsible for promoting breeding, showing, trialling, obedience, and other canine-related activities and the ownership of temperamentally and physically sound purebred dogs across NSW.

Dogs NSW is holding its annual Open Day and extending to the public an invitation to be a part of all the fun sports and activities one can enjoy with their canine friend, along with all the advantages of owning a purebred dog.

“Dogs on Show with its FREE admission, is a fabulous day out for all dog enthusiasts and offers - especially those unsure about what type of dog would best suit their lifestyle or growing family - or simply a fun, free day out for the entire family!” said Lynette Brown, President of Dogs NSW. “The festivities provide something for everyone to enjoy.”

The event will showcase a Championship Dog Show plus demonstrations in Agility, Obedience, Dances with Dogs, Junior Handling, Retrieving, Sledding and Drafting. Dog enthusiasts will also be able to watch Jack Russell Terrier racing, Herding and Earthdog trials, and a colourful Pageant of Breeds.

Keeping you and your dog fitTile2Cooler months are ahead - the season for rest in the comforts of the indoors. But if you have a dog, hibernation is not an option.

Our canine companions need daily exercise to stay healthy and fit, which has many benefits for you, too! Fortunately, there’s a whole world of dog sports for you and your dog to enjoy during the winter months and all year round!

“Participating in dog sports means getting out and being active, and once you’re out and about with your dog, socialising and learning, the opportunities that can open to you with a well-trained dog, are enormous!” says Vicki Etherington OAM, a professional dog trainer and Board Member of Dogs NSW, the controlling body of purebred, pedigreed dog breeding and exhibiting in New South Wales.

GSDPurebred dogs have made vast contributions to society throughout history. They have served in a variety of working roles, often putting their lives on the line to protect, and provide companionship and many health benefits to people of all ages.

As the peak body for all purebred dogs in NSW, Dogs NSW celebrates these amazing and loyal companion animals on National Purebred Dog Day on May 1.

“On this special day, we wish to highlight and celebrate the myriad of ways that purebred dogs enrich the lives of so many throughout society,” said Lynette Brown, President of Dogs NSW.

Dogs NSW is the controlling body for all aspects and disciplines of purebred, pedigreed dog breeding and exhibiting in NSW, and is the member body of the Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC).

Purebred dogs work and provide an invaluable contribution as service, police and military dogs, as well as in conservation, search and rescue, hunting and herding, and more – and always, as companions and guardians of the family home.

Dogs benefit children in more ways than one

Growing up with pets has many benefits for children. Besides the emotional and physical health benefits, companion animals share unconditional love and teach life lessons about empathy, confidence and responsibility. Pets enrich and improve the lives of many children, particularly those with special needs.

Dogs NSW, the controlling body of purebred, pedigreed dog breeding and exhibiting, marks National Kids and Pets Day on April 26th to celebrate the special bond shared between children and their dogs, and remind parents about the importance of safety where dogs and children are concerned.

“Dogs are an important part of the family, and it’s important for kids and dogs to learn to be good companions to each other,” said Lyn Brown, Dogs NSW President.

Research shows that growing up with a pet can bring social, emotional and educational benefits to children and adolescents, giving them greater self-esteem, less loneliness and enhanced social skills¹. Reading to dogs can also boost reading skills in children and help with emotional and social skill development².