As human baby boomers approach their twilight years, man’s best friend is providing important insight into how we grow old gracefully.

Dogs NSW is strongly opposed to sub-standard dog breeding operations, which sell either purebred or mixed breed dogs to unsuspecting buyers to the detriment of the dog.

Winter chills present special challenges for responsible dog owners. A regular stretching and exercise program is essential for good dog health. Dogs NSW recommends modifying the stretching routine of your dog to take into consideration the colder weather. Just as humans need to exercise to stay fit and healthy, so do dogs.

If you are comfortable with the idea of your dog sleeping on your bed, and basic hygiene is followed, there is no reason to change a thing, says veterinarian, Dr Peter Higgins.

Winter is now hitting most of Australia hard, and keeping dogs warm in these coldest months is now of vital importance

As summer heats up throughout Australia, dog owners are warned take extra precautions to ensure that their pets don’t suffer the harmful effects of over-heating and heatstroke while they at home during the working week

Many owners believe their dogs understand every word they say to their dog. In reality, dogs are more likely to look at body language and listen to the tone of the voice rather words when trying to translate human-talk into dog-talk

The majority of landlords refuse to let tenants bring pets other than fish in tanks into the property at any time during their lease, but they are missing out an important way to maximise their investment’s potential

Stray dogs can be especially dangerous for children who are often unaware of how their voice and body language can affect a dog.