There are many reasons to celebrate the magic and unconditional love of puppies. Just one cute wiggle, and they’ve got you wrapped around their little paws!

PuppiesDogs NSW has a few ideas to help you mark National Puppy Day on March 23:

• Buy your puppy a fun, interactive toy or take him/her to puppy day care for some fun exercise!

• Spend time brushing and massaging your puppy, or teach your puppy tricks and practice obedience.

• Have a puppy party and invite all your friends with their puppies! Great for early socialisation skills!

• Make a scrapbook for photos of your puppy’s first year.

• Book a puppy-friendly holiday!

• Register your puppy with a Dogs NSW dog sport/activity. (link to

• Host a community event to raise money for a Dogs NSW Breed Rescue Club. (link to

• Visit Dogs NSW Online Shop to find a gift for your puppy. (link to

• Feeling puppy clucky? If you don’t have a puppy and are thinking about getting a purebred dog, visit and speak to a Dogs NSW breed club for advice. 

• Join Dogs NSW Facebook page (link to and e-newsletter The Lead (link to to keep up with the latest purebred dog news.

Remember, dogs are for life, not just on special days!