Dogs NSW urges all political parties to develop strong policies supporting the welfare of dogs in the lead up to the NSW State elections.

Dogs NSW supports working with the government to develop policies to reduce the number of dogs euthanized each year in NSW and supports efforts to rehome abandoned animals. We support policies that encourage the humane treatment of all animals.

Dogs NSW members abide by a strict code of ethics in the breeding of purebred pedigreed dogs and encourages policies that would make this code of ethics compulsory for all dog breeders.


Dogs NSW president Elizabeth Gunter said; “Dogs NSW members complete an education course and examination and undergo a kennel inspection by Dogs NSW before a Breeder’s Licence is approved. Licensed Breeders are regularly inspected by a Dogs NSW Compliance Officer. Dogs NSW is self-governing and we propose that the same ethical standards be applied to the breeding of all dogs.”

We support all efforts to eradicate puppy farming and any breeding practices which are cruel and result in harm to the physical, social and emotional development of puppies. We call for a total ban on the sale of pups through pet shops. We also support policies that will close down backyard breeding and selling of puppies.

Dogs NSW supports working with the RSPCA to control unethical breeding and management of dogs.

Dogs NSW rejects the Labor proposal to arbitrarily limit the number of dogs responsiblebreeders can own. It is unworkable and will unfairly pressure responsible owners to euthanize older animals.

If a limit of 10 dogs is applied what process will be adopted to deal with a member who owns a number of dogs over this limit? Dogs NSW supports working with the Department of Primary Industries to further resolve issues related to the management of dogs and urges political parties to consult with us on the development of long term sustainable policies that will support responsible breeding and canine welfare.

For further information or interviews, please contact:     Mob: 0419 417 813