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To commemorate all the animal deeds and sacrifices in war, the Australian War Animal Memorial Organisation (AWAMO) has issued a purple poppy, which can be worn alongside the red poppy on Anzac Day, April 25. This also serves as a reminder that both humans and animals have and continue to serve.

Poppies costs $4.00 and the Enamel Pins $10.00, with all funds raised from donations and the sales of purple poppies going to AWAMO, to be used to establishing memorials around Australia and overseas in places like France and Gallipoli.  

These memorials are to recognise the sacrifice animals have made in the aid or comfort of defence personnel. Animals continue to serve in places like Afghanistan, where explosive detection dogs and their handlers work the frontline and animals have helped soldiers cope with post-traumatic stress.

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Responding to the announcement by the NSW Minister for Primary Industries that the Government will move to ensure buyers of puppies and dogs will be easily able to trace back to the original breeder, Dogs NSW President Elizabeth Gunter said; “Traceability is the aim, with stringent identification a key requirement of the new Companion Animal Breeding Standards just released by the Government."

"Dogs NSW supports this aim.  Dogs NSW members and its registered breeders are already required to adhere to a stringent code of ethics and practice, and we welcome these new standards for everyone who wants to breed dogs in NSW."

ANKC AVAThe AVA and ANKC Ltd jointly established the Canine Hip and Elbow dysplasia scheme in January 2000 and since that time the AVA has been responsible for administering the scheme from its Canberra office.

The AVA has now decided to cease participation in the scheme and ANKC Ltd will become the sole manager of the scheme, once the transfer takes place. The transition of administrative functions will occur over the next few months and is expected to be completed by the end of April, 2016.

Dog reading low

In November 2016 Melbourne-based publisher, Affirm Press will publish a book of true stories about dogs for national distribution.


They are accepting submissions until April 2016 and would love to read your dog story. The story can be happy, sad, proud, ridiculous or embarrassing! Stories should be up to 400 words, preferably with a print quality picture.

Tile. Dogs NSW guessing compThis month at the Purina Sydney Royal Dog Show, Dogs NSW Information Stand will be selling tickets to win a Doggie Hamper valued at  $850. One of these hampers will be won each day at the show, so don't forget to come and get your tickets.  Tickets are only $2 each or 3 for $5.00.

DOTY Specials 2015 096. BIS DOTY small

On Saturday evening, 23 January 2016, the Dogs NSW Complex Fundraising Committee and our major sponsor Royal Canin, hosted one of the premier events on the NSW Show Calendar – the NSW Show Dog, Puppy and Neuter of the Year.

Over the past ten years this event has grown in popularity and become a ‘must do’ for many NSW exhibitors, enabling them to celebrate their dog’s success from the previous year and catch up with friends and fellow exhibitors. The large numbers the event has attracted created its own set of problems, so this year the Committee listened to the exhibitors' voices and restricted the entry to a maximum number that they hoped would still make for an exciting night, but also for one that would finish in a timely fashion.

Free Microchipping DayPenrith City Council will have a Free Microchipping Day on Saturday, 5 March 2016, between 10am and 2pm at Jamison Park, Jamison Road, Penrith.

This service is available for both dogs and cats.

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The NSW Government are looking for potential Pet Educators and their dogs to present to students from Pre-school through to Year 2 to promote the message of responsible pet ownership and dog safety in the community.

The Program is now calling for expressions of interest from enthusiastic people to fill some vacancies. If you enjoy talking to children, have the time, own a happy and healthy dog that resides with you and enjoys socialising with children of all ages, please consider this program.

Quarantine Bookings made easyIt’s just become more convenient to make a booking to bring a dog, cat or horse into the country: you can now go online to book them into the Australian Government’s new state-of-the-art Post Entry Quarantine (PEQ) facility.

Department of Agriculture and Water Resources Head of the PEQ Build, Dr Colin Grant, said the new online booking system was just one way working with the department was becoming easier.

Christmas Show minus copy tileWith a super entry of over 1100, and over 100 children booked in to meet Santa, the PR Committee's 2015 Dogs NSW Christmas Show was again a great success. Although it was a warm day, by the time the show commenced the temperature was comfortable and in fact the evening became quite chilly.

Fourteen Judges officiated once again, with John Comerford heading the panel and awarding Best In Show to the Non Sporting Group winner, M & L Boyd / J Fould’s Standard Poodle  Ch. Picardy PS I Love You, and Runner Up to the Utility Group winner, B Thompson / A Hobday’s Boxer Sup Ch Chizack Catweazle (Imp NZL).

Congratulations to all the winners.

Tile.Australia Day Celebration scaresIt’s no surprise to many pet loving homes that Australia Day fireworks celebrations are simply a headache to their beloved pets. As the skies light up around the nation, many dogs and cats will be overcome with fear and anxiety.

Australia Day is one of the biggest events on the Aussie calendar, but it’s important that people consider their pets during this time of year.

Many dogs and cats go missing during celebrations. Fireworks are one of the main culprits alongside gates and doors being accidentally left open.

It’s not uncommon to have a dog or cat who is simply terrified of the loud bangs caused by fireworks. This can lead to unfamiliar behaviour in your animal and may cause much stress for owners and pets.

Canine Heroes AwardsThe Royal Agricultural Society of NSW Canine Hero Awards is a celebration of man’s best friend.

Every year, amongst our canine friends, hero dogs emerge that have unique stories or have made outstanding accomplishments. 

This may be in helping people, bravery or transforming lives in adversity. They may be pet dogs, assistance dogs, therapy, defence, service or rescue dogs. The common factor is that these remarkable dogs and humans transform and enrich each other’s lives. This could be through a lifesaving event, community service, therapy or emotional comfort or other innovative services.

The Royal Agricultural Society of NSW Canine Hero Awards aim is to acknowledge and reward these deserving dogs at a presentation to be held at the Purina Pro Plan Sydney Royal Dog Show, Best In Show day on 28 March 2016.


Dalwood tile web

This year, thanks to the generosity of our Exhibitors, Judges, Stewards and support workers, the Dalwood Committee are pleased to be able to donate $12,000.00 to the Dalwood Children’s Home Charity, a most worthy cause. Kerry Gwynne from the Dalwood Spilstead Service attended our Sunday Show to receive the donation and spoke about their work at the Service.

The Dalwood Shows are held to raise much needed funds for the Dalwood Spilstead Volunteer Home Support Service. This service provides early years intervention and support services. Children from vulnerable or stressed families are at risk of emotional, attention, language, learning and behavioural problems, due to poor attachment and stimulation in the early years. The service consists of a team of trained and professionally supervised volunteers providing weekly home visiting services for families who are in need of additional social support. These volunteers visit for two hours per week, provide personal support and assist families with a wide range of home or parenting tasks.

Tile. John ForbesIt is with deep sadness that Dogs NSW informs the dog world of the passing of John Forbes on Friday 27th November 2015.

John was born in South Africa and came from a show family, who were involved in Rhodesian Ridgebacks in the early 1950s. He immigrated to Australia in 1972 and decided within the year, that he had to have a dog, so he bought an Old English Sheepdog, thus commencing his show career within Australia in 1973. In the same year he also inherited his first Basenji, and it was then that the breed took over his life, breeding over 100 Champion Basenjis, both in Australia and overseas.

Tile.SmokyAt 10.30am on Tuesday, 17 November 2015, the RSPCA’s most prestigious animal bravery award was bestowed upon Smoky, a tiny Yorkshire Terrier who served in New Guinea and the Philippines during World War II. This honour was awarded at the RSPCA Queensland’s Wacol Campus. Smoky not only performed numerous acts of bravery in the field, but she also became what was probably the first post-traumatic stress canine.

The RSPCA Australia Purple Cross Award was established in 1993 to recognise the deeds of animals who have shown outstanding service to humans, particularly where they have demonstrated exceptional courage by risking their own safety or life to save a person from injury or death. Since its inception, only nine animals have been awarded the prestigious award.

Tile. Sydney Dog Lovers ShowThe 2016 Sydney Dog Lovers Show is happening again on Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th August at the Royal Hall of Industries & Hordern Pavilion, Moore Park.  It is now one of the largest events in the world dedicated to Dogs and the Breed Showcase is the most popular feature at the show.

Bookings are now open for DOGS NSW Breed Clubs to take part free of charge including your carpet, back & side walls, signage, power, lighting and 2 car parking spots per day!

Web. Junior National TileWhat a night!  The Australian Junior Handler Final was held on Saturday night, 31st October 2015 and, as it was New South Wales’ turn to host the Australian finals, the Dogs NSW Junior Handler Working Party made it a night to remember!

The Committee wanted to make the finals a special night for our State winners and decided to have an official dinner for the finalists, scheduling the judging after the dinner. It was a bold move, as all the other Australian Finals had been held at dog shows. However, as this event is an important part of the show calendar, with the winner going on to represent Australia at Crufts, we felt it must be special.

I was amazed at the response we received, from both the general show fraternity and with sponsorship. The State winners went home with a large quantity of prizes, donated by sponsors and Dogs NSW, who hosted the event. Special thanks must go to Advance, who have sponsored this event for as long as I can remember.

B W paintingIn an Anzac Day special feature, which appeared in April 2015's edition of Dogs NSW magazine, we first included the wonderful story of 'Smoky,' a pint sized Yorkshire Terrier, who became Australia's first Therapy Dog for Australian and American troops. However, to refresh your memory of what a remarkable little dog Smoky was, together with his friend Corporal William (Bill) Wynne, we are repeating her story, in short, in the November issue of Dogs NSW magazine.

Sharen McLachlan, who painted the original Smoky portrait, has been commissioned by the Australian War Animal Memorial Organisation (AWAMO), to paint a second version of Smoky's memorial. This painting will be auctioned off to the highest bidder and only Dogs NSW members will be eligible to bid.


Tile Purple Cross Competition'Smoky the War Dog' has  been nominated for the British Dickens Medal, the equivalent to the human Victoria Cross. However, the Australian War Animal Memorial Organisation has been campaigning to get Smoky recognised here, in her birth place Queensland, Australia, for the Purple Cross, due to her courageous military service and work as a therapy dog.

The Purple Cross is an award, established in 1993, to recognise the deeds of animals that have shown outstanding bravery and fortitude in the service of humans.

SBA Precious Metals have produced a series of 'war dog' collectable coins, one of which is of Smoky and they have kindly offered Smoky coins as prize giveaways for our members for Remembrance Day. Details of the competition follow.

Tile NRMAIn the past 12 months National Roads & Motorists’ Association (NRMA) patrols across NSW and the ACT have rescued almost 2,500 young children accidently locked in cars, a 16 per cent increase over the last four years.

There has also been an 88 per cent increase of pets accidently locked in cars over the same period with more than 1,500 rescues in the past 12 months.

Tile Animal Poppy small

Most people are unaware that, as well as the traditional commemorative red poppy, that there are also white poppies - symbolising peace, and purple poppies - remembering animals that died during conflicts.

To commemorate all the animal deeds and sacrifices in war, Australian War Animal Memorials (AWAMO) has issued a purple poppy, which can be worn alongside the traditional red one, as a reminder that both humans and animals have and continue to serve.

Website Tile. Junior NationalsWhen: Saturday, 31st October 2015

Venue: Dogs NSW Grounds, 44 Luddenham Road, Orchard Hills NSW

Time: Celebration Gala Dinner at 7pm. National Final at 8pm.

The National Final will be judged under lights in Ring 1.

Please come and join us to support our talented Junior Handlers from around Australia!

SmallTile RNSWCCTHE RNSWCC Annual General Meeting of Dogs NSW Members, is to be held on Wednesday 4 November 2015 at 7.30pm in the Amenities Building, The Bill Spilstead Complex for Canine Affairs, 44 Luddenham Road, Orchard Hills.

SmallTile Cars and CaninesThis is a study conducted by the University of Sydney, to explore the ways people are mobile with their dogs in the Sydney area and looks at how transport is moderating the health promoting aspects of companion animal ownership.

Tile MasterchopsA unique event, Masterchops is a forum dedicated to connecting the world-wide canine community with an inspiring lineup of canine health and nutrition experts to ever reach Australia. MasterChops is a forum dedicated to connecting the world-wide canine community, all in the spirit of learning. The event promises to challenge existing notions and philosophies about animal health and to start a conversation about the role that food plays in preventing and treating disease.
To be held in the heart of Victoria, Australia at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, on Saturday November 14, MasterChops will also be available worldwide via live online pay-per-view.