GroundsThere seems to be some concern in regard to the reported Fungal infestation at the Grounds. This fungus is ONLY detrimental to plant and NOT to Man nor Beast!

Could your dog have it?

LeoThis is Leo. He is a 10 year old dog that developed severe Canine Cognitive Dysfunction in August 2015.  Leo’s symptoms included wall staring, pacing, disorientation, forgetting commands, and most worrying, aggression directed towards his family.

Leo’s family was devastated and were considering euthanasia due to the aggression, however, decided to participate in the Dogs+ Cells Clinical trial for dogs with Cognitive Dysfunction at the University of Sydney, Brain and Mind Centre.

Leo underwent a series of tests, and finally received a transplant of cells cultured in the laboratory to neural precursor cells that were grown from his own skin sample. The cells were transplanted directly into the hippocampal region of his brain by a long fine needle.  He was discharged from hospital the following day.

ANKC Logo Col art copyMembers, Clubs and other organisations please note that the Canine Research Foundation is seeking applications for research commencing in 2018 to be funded under the Foundation's Grants program for the year 2018.

The purpose of the Foundation is to provide funding for research directed at improving canine health. Canine health refers to research into disease and disease related processes, and/or the prevention of injury and/or disease.

Proposed research projects should be directed towards producing benefit in some aspect of canine health and must be conducted by an Australian University. Applications will close on 31 MAY, 2017.

Doty winner casualOn Saturday evening 28 January 2017, the Dogs NSW Complex Fundraising Committee and our major sponsor Royal Canin, hosted one of the premier events on the NSW Show Calendar – the NSW Show Dog, Puppy and Neuter of the Year. This event allows NSW exhibitors to celebrate their dog’s success from the previous year and catch up with friends and fellow exhibitors.

Kids and Dogs Die in Hot Cars Sticker 2 web

The Bureau of Meteorology forecasts warmer than average temperatures for the next three months. 

It takes only 10 minutes for the inside of a car to skyrocket by 20 degrees¹! Imagine the deadly heat inside your car when the temperature hits 40+ degrees outside, like in many parts of NSW this summer.

LabradorIn an estimated canine population of 4.8 million nationally and 52% of all owned dogs being pure bred*, there’s one breed Australians are still barking mad for – the loveable, family-friendly Labrador Retriever! But these large dogs may not be ‘top dog’ for long, as smaller breeds are increasing in popularity.

AVA Logo.jpg v2A group of veterinary scientists have launched a research project to try and bring canine parvovirus under control, a devastating disease that is currently hurting and killing puppies across Australia.

Commonly known as parvo, the disease is not new to Australia. Outbreaks continue to occur with the latest recorded in New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia.

ANKC Still 3m09sJoin the movement to keep healthy puppies in homes, where they belong.


The Australian National Kennel Council, the peak body for responsible and ethical breeders in Australia, has launched a public and breeder education movement to complement the RSPCA and Australian Veterinary Association’s joint initiative, Love is Blind, to raise awareness of the animal welfare problems caused by exaggerated physical features and how these problems can be prevented.

“Love is blind, except, it doesn’t have to be,” said Hugh Gent OAM, President of the ANKC. “The ANKC considers the health and physical welfare of dogs of prime importance and does not support the breeding of dogs with exaggerated features to meet a puppy buyer demand for a certain look.”

Xmas Cavs WebWith another super entry of just on 1000, plus over 100 children booked in to meet Santa, the PR Committee's 2016 Dogs NSW Christmas Show was again a great success, and the Committee thank the exhibitors for their generous support, once again, of this annual special event on the Dogs NSW show calendar.

Dogs NSW Logo BlueSafety at Shows - Insurance

All Clubs are reminded that it is the Committees responsibility to ensure that Shows/Trials are conducted in a safe environment for both the exhibitors and the public. Clubs need to be familiar with Dogs NSW Regulations Part II, Section 9 - Extreme Weather & Safety Guidelines. It is very important for Clubs to conduct a site assessment of the area on which the Show/Trial is being conducted prior to event commencement to ensure that there are no risks evident, such but not limited to, uneven ground in pedestrian traffic areas or exhibition areas, lengthy or wet grass, ring ropes or uncovered electrical cords on the grounds, as these are a trip hazard which may result in an injury to a person attending the Show/Trial. 

Training your Dog webDogs NSW is urging dog owners to start the year on the right paw with the Association of Professional Dog Trainers’ ‘National Train Your Dog Month’, which celebrates dogs and highlights the importance of training to be good canine citizens.

Main Tile.Seeing Eye Dogs webSeeing Eye Dogs Australia (SEDA) and ROYAL CANIN® have launched an education and awareness campaign to demonstrate how the most ordinary journeys can be the most incredible with the support of a Seeing Eye Dog.

The Royal Agricultural Society of NSW (RAS) is seeking stories of outstanding accomplishments by “man’s best friend” ahead of the 2017 NSW Canine Hero Awards. Canine Hero award edited

So often our dogs are more than just our companions, they turn out to be unheralded heroes and lifesavers.

Some canines display an incredible act of bravery in an instinctive moment, others transform a human life in adversity through their training.

They may not be able to tell us their incredible stories, but you can.

Puppy image twoMake a difference in someone's life and help Assistance Dogs Australia by educating an Puppy in your home for 12 months.

stock photo pug puppy drinks water isolated on white background WEB

Recently the Bureau of Meteorology and CSIRO revealed that Australia is encountering hotter, stronger and more frequent heat waves than ever before, so it is important that pet owners not forget to keep their furry friends fully hydrated this summer.

DLS 2017 SYD Website Year 2017 WEBTake part in the Breed Showcase at the 2017 Sydney Dog Lovers Show!

The 2017 Sydney Dog Lovers Show is one of the largest events in the world dedicated to Dogs and the Breed Showcase is the most popular feature at the event.


A spectacle rarely held in a public venue, Sydneysiders are invited to witness a special presentation of graduating Guide Dogs in Martin Place on Tuesday        December 6, from 12.00pm to 2.00pm.

Guide Dog Graduates web

Dogs NSW Logo BlueAt the Board Meeting held 9 November 2016, the following appointments were made;

shutterstock 191296304

Cancer is a major cause of death in pets. Studies have shown about 1 in 4 dogs (and 1 in 5 cats) will develop cancer during their lifetime.

November is National Pet Cancer Awareness Month to remind pet owners the importance of keeping their companion animals healthy with annual visits to their veterinarian.


Walking the dog web

An international study published in BMC Public Health¹ has found dog walkers are physically active on more days of the week and dog walking can help people feel safer in their neighbourhood.


November is National Diabetes Month, designed to increase awareness about Diabetes Mellitus, a common endocrine disease in humans that affects the concentration of glucose (or sugar) in the blood. One becomes diabetic when their body makes too little insulin or doesn’t process insulin properly.

But did you know diabetes is also growing in prevalence in dogs and cats?

Dogs NSW Logo BlueDogs NSW are aware of the very hard work that breeds clubs undertake with breed rescue, however, the stories surrounding their work are seldom heard, except in the club's inner circle or at the veterinary hospitals at which many of the rescues attend. For this reason we would like clubs to send in their happy ending stories of rescue dogs. This is a call out for all to participate by emailing through photos and stories to


Saturday, 28 January, 2017BIS582web

Hosted by Dogs NSW Complex Fundraising Committee in partnership with ‘Royal Canin’

Future vets webSchool Holiday Fun & Learning with Future Vet Kids Camp!

January 2017 Camp Registration Open Now!

Australia’s favourite veterinary-inspired school holiday program for young pet lovers - is now taking registrations for its 2017 Camp.

Future Vet Kids Camp is a fun and educational 5-day program offered during the Summer School Holidays (9:00am-3:30pm) and runs from January 9 - 13 and again January 16 - 20, 2017 at Waverley College in Sydney.

Super Furry Festival web

Saturday  -   22nd October, 2016


Shannon Reserve, Crown Street,

Surry Hills 


Following the past two successful years, the Super Furry Festival returns October 22nd and is set to raise the bar to provide an interactive experience like no other animal event. Bringing one of the largest animal celebrations to Sydney, the festival invites animal lovers to strengthen connections with their furry friends and to join in with fun and quirky activities.