Could your dog have it?

LeoThis is Leo. He is a 10 year old dog that developed severe Canine Cognitive Dysfunction in August 2015.  Leo’s symptoms included wall staring, pacing, disorientation, forgetting commands, and most worrying, aggression directed towards his family.

Leo’s family was devastated and were considering euthanasia due to the aggression, however, decided to participate in the Dogs+ Cells Clinical trial for dogs with Cognitive Dysfunction at the University of Sydney, Brain and Mind Centre.

Leo underwent a series of tests, and finally received a transplant of cells cultured in the laboratory to neural precursor cells that were grown from his own skin sample. The cells were transplanted directly into the hippocampal region of his brain by a long fine needle.  He was discharged from hospital the following day.

3 months post-transplant Leo appears to have made a complete recovery. He is no longer aggressive towards his owners, his other CCD symptoms have resolved and his owner reports “Her old Leo is back but seems younger than he has for a few years”.

TimmyThis ground breaking treatment has also rescued Timmy, a 14 year old  Cocker Spaniel from euthanasia. Timmy was treated 18 months ago and continues to do well. We encourage you to contact us if you would like more information about Canine Cognitive Dysfunction, how to diagnose and treat it and also about participation in this trial.

Please use the Canine Cognitive Dysfunction Screening Survey at This link

For more information please contact the clinical trial co-ordinator – Emma Robertson via ph. 0400 375 241 or email

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