Ask the breeder logo webFor members of the public wanting to know more about purebred dogs and about to choose a breed of dog to suit their lifestyle, what better place than the 'Ask the Breeders' stand at the recent Sydney Dog Lovers Show, on the weekend of August 5 and 6. Crowds flocked to the Moore Park show all weekend and the 'Ask the Breeders' stand was a very popular destination, with great crowd attendance at all of the talks over both days.

There were 20 talks each day, with a variety of different breeds introduced over the two day period. Breeders were asked to bring a dog and, if possible, a puppy along for the talks. Talks were limited to a maximum of 15 minutes and breeders covered a multitude of topics, including a brief description of the breed, characteristics, temperament, health, history, training and care requirements, how to find a Dogs NSW Registered Breeder and the right questions to ask a breeder and why? Questions, as well as meet the breed encounters were encouraged at the end of the talks.

IMG 5511 webThis was an excellent platform for Dogs NSW, Breed Clubs and breeders, as it promoted purebred dogs and encouraged members of the public to go to a Registered Breeder, through educating them of the advantages of purchasing through a Registered Breeder and what to expect. The beautiful dogs in attendance were an incredible drawcard to the stand.

Speakers reminded the audience to never purchase from a backyard breeder or online, as you never know what you will get and to do their research, to ensure that the new canine edition to their family will suit their lifestyle. They were also reminded that puppies are a lifetime commitment and every effort should be made to ensure you have a healthy, happy puppy.

IMG 5462 webSpeakers encouraged the audience to call the Breed Clubs to get a list of breeders, so they can talk to a few different breeders and gauge which breeder and their dogs suit them best.

Dogs NSW Breed Information sheets were available and distributed amongst the audience for each of the breeds in attendance for the talks. Brochures were also available on 'Choosing the Right Breeder' and 'Why Choose a Purebred Dog?' which are a guide to assist members of the public to ask the right questions of breeders, before deciding to purchase their puppy. 

On average there were approximately 40 people in attendance at each of the talks, with some of the more popular breeds drawing people like a magnet. I would like to thank the organisers at Sydney Dog Lovers Show for permitting Dogs NSW the extra stand space for these talks and most of all, the breed clubs and breeders who delivered the talks with such passion and love of their breeds, coupled with great information.

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