PetSafe® Brand Raises Awareness of Pet Hydration this summer with Nationwide Campaign

Pet Hydration logoDecember, 2017: A recent survey (1) conducted by pet product expert, PetSafe® Brand Australia found that Australian pet owners show a surprising lack of awareness when it comes to their pet's hydration and are happy to let them drink puddle, river or gutter water, or even from the backyard pool.

The survey, which was conducted to kick-start the PetSafe® Pet Hydration Awareness Summer campaign, has found that an unbelievable 70% of Australians are unclear about how much water to give their pets to drink.

PetSafe® consulted with Veterinarian Dr. Claire Stevens, who states, ‘Dogs quickly become clinically dehydrated when insufficient water is provided and when this happens they require hospitalisation, which can be costly to the pet owner and stressful for the animal and everyone involved’.

PetSafe® has created the PetSafe® Brand Pet Hydration Awareness Summer Campaign to help make more pet owners aware of the risks associated with ignoring or neglecting to adequately supply plenty of water for pets when left alone during the heat of summer.

360SS Lifestyle01 web‘This is an incredibly important awareness campaign with a life or death message’, comments PetSafe® Australia Marketing Manager Zarqa Ali, ‘summers in Australia can get extremely hot and our pets feel this way more than we do!’

‘With the succession of heatwaves every summer, Australian dogs face the real possibility of heat stress or heatstroke if they are left outside during hot days without sufficient water sources’, stresses Dr. Stevens, ‘keeping your dogs hydrated is essential in preventing heat stress / hyperthermia’.

More concerning was that almost 40% of respondents were unclear on how to tell if their dog was dehydrated believing panting is the first sign.

Often dog owners wrongly wait for their dog to pant as a sign that they are thirsty’, continues Dr. Stevens, ‘but panting is a method for dogs to cool themselves down and regulate their temperature. True signs of dehydration include sunken eyes, tiredness, skin losing elasticity and a dry mouth’.

To help owners understand the health risk of dehydration, PetSafe® has developed an infographic outlining important facts about pets and the correct way to hydrate them. The infographic illustrates the recommended daily water intake for pets – 70mls of water per kilogram of body weight – as well as the steps to take if a pet becomes dehydrated.

‘Most people are not aware that our pets are actually made up of 80% water, where as human adults are only 60% water. Therefore they need more, more often than us!’ says Zarqa.

‘Water is the main component of healthy, living cells of the body. Without water, your dog’s body will not be able to function properly’, states Dr. Stevens.

The PetSafe® Brand Pet Hydration Awareness Month infographic can be downloaded from:

PetSafe® Australia will be releasing further results from the Pet Hydration Survey over the month of December and well as tips on how to prevent dehydration in your pets.

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About Dr. Claire Stevens

Dr. Claire Stevens BVSc. (Hons) Cert. VPH is a Veterinarian, Business Mentor & Communications Skills Trainer based in NSW. Dr. Stevens endeavours to shares her knowledge with both Pet Owners and Veterinarians. With a particular interest in people skills, Claire has developed a formula on the importance of identifying communication skills as a pillar in the success of any practice and has since developed an online course for Veterinarians, this course is recommended and endorsed by the Australian Veterinary Association.  @drclairestevens

1. PetSafe® ‘Dog in the Home’ Survey was conducted from the 11.11.17 to 17.11.17 across 201 participants across Australia. Survey results were accumulated via Survey Monkey, Facebook and Street responses.