Logo1Plus  the results from the Pet Hydration Survey, conducted by PetSafe® Brand Australia

In a recent survey conducted December 2017 by PetSafe® Brand Australia it was found that 39%(1) of Australians are unaware of what the signs of heat exhaustion or dehydration are for their beloved pet; yet it can be one of the most deadly conditions through the Australian summer.

International pet product expert PetSafe® have partnered with NSW Veterinarian,       Dr. Claire Stevens to release 7 simple steps on how to keep your pet cool and hydrated this summer.

This summer is predicted to be one of the worst on record for Australia so being Hydration Wise is vital to the health and wellbeing of your pet.

“It is a timely message for pet owners, as dehydration can indicate a serious underlying problem. Often, however, the signs of dehydration are not obvious, so I suggest getting to the vet as soon as you can”, comments Dr. Stevens.


Petsafe Fountain41% of those that were surveyed commented that they leave only one full bowl of water a day for their dog when they are out. Which in most cases is simply not enough.

Most pet owners are unaware that animals actually need more water than we do. Dogs {for example} are made up of 80% water where humans are only 60%. Therefore in the heat of summer your dog requires more water, more often. A general rule of thumb is a dog needs 70mls of water per kilogram of body weight, so a 4.5kg dog needs 2 bowls a day, and a 35kg dog needs 10.

“You can prevent dehydration by providing clean water at all times, and change it frequently to ensure freshness. Also, don’t forget to wash your pet’s water bowl every day to prevent bacteria from forming. I tend to put a few bowls down to be sure they have enough”, says Dr. Stevens.

The easiest way to encourage your pet to constantly rehydrate is with a pet drinking fountain. These provide fresh, filtered water to your pet and the multiple streams of free falling water entice your pet to drink more.  

Icy poles web2. PROVIDE SHADE – ALL DAY

98% of Australians will leave their dog for a long period of time during the day (from 1-10 hours) with 49% of pet owners leaving their dogs in the backyard.  “People might not realise but there is possibly long periods during the day your backyard might simply not provide anywhere cool and shady – it might be shady but is it cool?” says Dr. Stevens.

Providing your pet with adequate alternative shade is important. You can do this by investing in a new shade cloth, outdoor umbrella or canopy, but remember not all dog houses are ‘heat proof’ so make sure you give them an all-day shady option.


Just like you would prepare your home for bush fire season; you need to prepare your pet for summer! The shorter the hair the cooler they will stay so if you have a dog with a long or shaggy coat give it a nice short shave. This will keep them cool.


All pets need some exercise; however, if you take them out for walks in the summer time change your routine to dawn or dusk walks. 

This makes it cooler for you and your pet and is also less harsh on their paws.  They can feel the heat of the sand or bitumen just like you!


Believe it or not dogs don’t just dig from boredom.  It can be to hide food, toys and to keep cool! Just remember a little bit of digging won't hurt.


Dogs love a frozen treat in the summer and it cools them down. Pet icy poles are easy to make and can keep them busy. Just add their favourite treats to water and freeze! Easy!

stock photo dog in a small pool tired of the summer heat web7. GIVE THEM A BATH

Shallow pools are a great way for your pet to cool down! Buy a child’s sand pit and fill it with shallow water and watch them splash!


Some people will tie up their dogs in the backyard when they head out for the day; but this can prevent them from finding cool shade or respite from the heat of the day.

“Avoid chaining a dog outside or keeping them in a hot backyard as this can prevent him from accessing his water bowl”, continues Dr. Stevens.

Dehydration in pets can be very serious and even deadly. Being Hydration Aware could be the difference between life and death for your pet over the summer.

“Just remember, make sure you monitor your dog’s water intake every day. If your dog is not drinking an adequate amount of water, seek veterinary advice”.

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About Dr. Claire Stevens

Dr. Claire Stevens BVSc. (Hons) Cert. VPH is a Veterinarian, Business Mentor & Communications Skills Trainer based in NSW. Dr. Stevens endeavours to shares her knowledge with both Pet Owners and Veterinarians. With a particular interest in people skills, Claire has developed a formula on the importance of identifying communication skills as a pillar in the success of any practice and has since developed an online course for Veterinarians, this course is recommended and endorsed by the Australian Veterinary Association.

www.drclairestevens.com I @drclairestevens