Dogs NSW Logo BlueNearly 22,000 dog lovers attended and watched Dogs NSW members' meeting live-streamed online on Monday night, 18 December 2017 - to address serious concerns over the proposed new anti-puppy farm legislation threatening the future of ethical dog breeding and ownership.

Wednesday, 20 December, a small delegation representing Dogs NSW met with Minister Niall Blair to discuss the Draft Guidelines and Standards, POCTA for Breeding Dogs and Cats.

Dogs NSW president Lyn Brown said "I am very pleased to report that we had a very positive and productive meeting: one where the Minister listened intently whilst taking copious notes. Niall Blair received both our rebuttal and submission documents with gratitude, acknowledging their practical and professional presentation."

"Indications are, that the consultation period shall now be extended further, and he will be available to meet with us again prior to any draft documents being accepted. Niall also showed much enthusiasm regarding our Members Education Scheme, indicating his support to have it adopted as a Dogs NSW endorsed TAFE course. At this very moment, due to the generous offers of support, the Members Education Committee is engaged in working with members conversant with Registered Training Organisations, with a view toward providing a course that would be accredited and acceptable for Certification necessary and pertaining to the POCTA Standards. We will keep you posted."

"Dogs NSW reiterated its desire to work in collaboration to support the Minister in his strong desire to get the best outcomes for animal welfare, whilst not overburdening reputable breeders. The Minister reiterated his position that he intended no difficulties or overburdening to be visited upon ethical Dogs NSW breeders."

IMG 0751 webWords: Dogs NSW President -Lyn Brown