shutterstock 59985913 webSeparation anxiety is a state of distress that a dog experiences when the dog owner leaves. In many forms, it affects about 60% of dogs up until 3 years of age, which is an enormous number. Many factors, such as long solitude, loneliness, improper training and frightening experiences are to blame.

In today’s busy world we often don’t have as much time for our pets as they need. Many pet owners come home and find their dogs exhausted, breathing heavily, hungry and thirsty, as they haven't touched their food all day. They usually find their furniture and belongings destroyed. 

The creators of Dog Monitor app reached out to the best vets from all over the world and together they created a website dedicated to the ultimate guide to separation anxiety in dogs. This online helper gives dog owners every piece of information they need to know to effectively prevent or fight separation anxiety. From symptoms to treatment methods, this guide is a complex tool that helps to spot early signs of this disorder and offers possible solutions.

dog and mess web“It’s important to realise that dogs that suffer from separation anxiety don’t do anything harmful on purpose, as many pet owners think,” says MVDr. Zertova, Czech dog expert.   

“More and more people reached out to us saying how much Dog Monitor helped them and their dogs, by calming them with their voice through the microphone and checking their progress in the activity log. We realised how serious this problem is. We wanted to create a platform that would help both the dog owners and the vets,” says Jindrich Sarson, CEO of TappyTaps.

Dog Separation Anxiety Guide is a website where dog owners can go to find out what separation anxiety in dogs is, what some common symptoms are (and also that they all don’t necessarily signify separation anxiety), and what the treatment options and processes are. You can also read stories from vets' patients on how their problem was treated.

When you notice your dog’s strange behaviour and you’re not sure what may be causing it, before visiting a vet, it’s good to know what signs to look for in the first place.

shutterstock 170918708 webIs the dog dependent on one person?

What's the regime of feeding and walking?

How does the dog welcome the owner?

That's when the website comes in handy with a list of symptoms and behaviour to check before visiting a vet. Only vets can properly diagnose and treat separation anxiety.

Dog Separation Anxiety Guide is a place both for the vets to refer their patients, owners to better understand what their dog is going through, and for dog owners to be informed as well.

Separation anxiety is a very serious issue that shouldn't be underestimated and always requires the help of the professional.

*Look out for the article on Separation Anxiety in the April edition of Dogs NSW magazine. For the Separation Anxiety Guide and further details on the Dog Monitor please go to:

MVDr. Hana Zertova

MVDr Zertova graduated from University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences in Brno. She worked as an editor in magazines, such as Veterinary, Veterinary Clinic and Zodiac and later published her own Pets and Health magazine. Mrs. Zertova also worked in a small animals doctor’s office. She has spent the last fifteen years focusing exclusively on behaviour disorders in dogs and cats. Hana Zertova gained her knowledge in this area during her postgraduate studies in Germany. In 2009, she worked on her TV series “Pets’ Reformatory”. She also wrote a book called “From a puppy to a dog,” dealing with the correct way of bringing up puppies.

01 Dog Monitor Banner preview WebAbout Dog Monitor Creators:

The idea of a Dog Monitor app came after being approached by some of the users of a similar app called Baby Monitor 3G. To their surprise, the users told them they were using Baby Monitor 3G to monitor their dogs and that it helps them overcome separation anxiety. When the creators developed a “dog version,” they started to learn more about the issue of separation anxiety. After discussions with several veterinarians and dog psychologists, they adjusted the app, so it helps to solve the separation anxiety more effectively. In cooperation with experts, led by MVDr. Zertova, the Dog Monitor team put together all the knowledge about the anxiety and created this online guide.

About Dog Monitor:

DogMonitor devices preview webDog Monitor is an advanced pet monitor inside your phone, tablet or Mac. Dog owners can monitor their dogs when they can't be around to know what their pets are doing without any expensive collars or any additional hardware; instead, they can have dog monitoring done on the devices they use the most.

The Dog Monitor app requires two devices (one for the pet, the other for yourself). Features include ' Talk To Your Dog,' Network compatability and efficiency, Smart Night Light, compatible with all network types, Remote commands, Activity Log, Multiperson Access and Monitoring, All noises access, Smart notification and Video zoom, ease of use and reliability.