Tile.RNSWCC CharityThe forming of our own Charity to improve outcomes of canine health and welfare in NSW has been a long held ambition by many. It's formation also serves to reinforce Dogs NSW's standing as the peak body for canines in this state.

We need to acknowledge that, without the determination of a small group of people known as the Media and Government Legislation Committee, with the support of the Board of Directors over the past two years, this project would have never come to fruition. We thank you for your dedication, as we usher in a new era for Dogs NSW.

At this stage the ASIC has registered the Royal NSW Canine Council Health and Welfare Charity Ltd as a company wholly owned by Dogs NSW, and we have applied to the ATO for endorsement as an official charity with Gift Deductibility Recipient Status, so that donations and bequests from Dogs NSW members and the public will be tax deductible.

The Charity will undertake initiatives that improve the health and welfare of canines and demonstrate to the Government and the public a new level of support for the health and welfare of dogs in NSW. 

The new Charity will build on the good work already done by Dogs NSW in these areas and we welcome the directors, who bring with them skills in the development of policy, canine research at the University level and financial management to ensure the Charity is well-focussed and proactive.