Dog Lovers Show logo 2018 webThe Dog Lovers Show is proudly one of Australia’s leading canine events with the event being held at the Royal Hall of Industries and the Hordern Pavilion in Moore Park on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th August (open from 9.30am to 5pm daily).

With professional organisers, you can be assured of a well run event, coupled with a hard-hitting and extensive advertising campaign, that will attract thousands of passionate dog owners and lovers alike.


The 5th Sydney Dog Lovers Show is the ideal platform to promote your beloved breed, reaching over 25,000 passionate, Dog owners face-to-face in just 2 days!

SamoyedIf you would like to join in the fun, spaces are still available for Dogs NSW affiliated breed clubs and/or breeders to have a stand. Stands are free to Dogs NSW clubs and members, so you do not necessarily have to be a breed club to promote your breed at the show, as long as you have enough helpers to assist over the weekend, your dogs are well socialised with people and you can make your stand as attractive as possible to the public. If interested, or you would like to know more about having a stand, please contact Marnie Reid at Dog Lovers Show on (03) 9696 9961.

Ask the BreederAsk the breeder logo webIf you would like to participate, but are unable to have a stand, you may like to be part of the Dogs NSW Ask the Breeder talks.
These are about 15-20 minute talks, which continue throughout the day at Dogs NSW dedicated 'Ask the Breeders' stand. You would be required to bring a dog or two along with you and also speak to the public about such topics as the history, temperament, grooming, suitability, etc of your breed and then answer any questions members of the public may have. It is all about educating the public about your breed and pure bred dogs. If you would like to participate of just to find out more please contact Kerry Christofi at Dogs NSW on (02) 9834 0217.