To celebrate the release of the new hilarious movie SHOW DOGS on July 5, Roadshow Films are offering free double passes to 10 lucky DOGS NSW members. Read below for more details!
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About 'SHOW DOGS' ... 

SHOW DOGS stars a charming and lovable cast of talking canine characters, including our hero Max (voiced by Chris “Ludacris” Bridges), a rugged lone wolf Rottweiler NYPD police dog. 
Max, a gruff NYPD K9 unit Rottweiler, inadvertently blows Federal Agent Frank Mosley’s cover in an operation to catch the smugglers of a baby panda known as Ling-Li.  
However, Max manages to corner one of the henchmen who tell of his ringleader’s plan to sell the panda at the Canini Invitational event in Las Vegas. This prestigious dog show attracts the richest people in the animal world and the “Best In Show” is worth millions.
Frank takes the assignment but in order to gain access to the coveted event, he must pose as a contestant with a dog. Max, who happens to be a purebred Rottweiler, jumps at the opportunity to take down the evil gang.
Trouble is Frank is convinced Max has anger issues, Max thinks Frank is stupid and both are entirely clueless about the glamorous world of show dogs. 
On arrival in Vegas, Frank makes contact with the FBI’s special canine consultant Mattie Smith, a professional dog handler and groomer. Meanwhile, Max tracks down and enlists the help of an old French Papillon by the name of Philippe, once a celebrated show champion. Philippe agrees to tutor Max and vows to turn this smelly street dog into a “Best In Show” contestant.
First stop is the dazzling Canini Invitational opening party, where Max meets and gets the low down from the other dogs in the show including Daisy, a beautiful Australian Shepherd handled by Mattie; Sprinkles, an excitable chubby Pug; Karma, a zen Komondor and Dante, a fancy Yorkshire Terrier.
Rottie SD 07585 RThe following day, training begins and Max, the alpha male, has to endure a full body foil wrap, seaweed mud mask, bubble bath and even a bikini wax. If they fail to be accepted into the competition, Frank and Max will be sent back to New York and Ling-Li will be lost forever.  
Respect and trust in one another grows when Frank and Max make it through and proceed to use any and all means necessary to win their way up the ranks. However, as the final round approaches they realise that whoever wins will become the most valuable canine in the world. The smugglers plan to steal the prize dog so they can sell it along with Ling-Li and a host of other valuable creatures that have mysteriously gone missing.
With a little help from their new friends, Frank and Max embark on a mission to outsmart the greedy traffickers, track down Ling-Li and rescue the other kidnapped animals, including the new champion of the Annual Canini Invitational.Logo Showdogs TT
The Official Trailer is on YouTube: 

How to win a double pass to SHOW DOGS? 

For the chance to win a double pass to view the hilarious movie, SHOW DOGS, please email the names of the two heroes of the movie along with your name, DOGS NSW Membership number, address and phone number to
Please place SHOW DOGS as the subject of the email, before sending.
Entries close 30 June, 2018 and winners will be notified by email.